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Brownie, fresh life for a K20A R hatch

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What's up I bought this car off user KdiZzL3 back in mid-August 2013. He recommended I check out the forum here. So I've been lurking for a while but finally going to post a build thread as the car's nearing completion. Some of you will possibly recognize the car from either his ownership of it or my build thread in other forums.

Anyway, drove down to Chicago to pick up the ol' hatch in August. Stripped to the bones basically.

For a week I had a little overlap time with my old sedan, but was able to make a pretty quick sale of it after I had set my mind on the hatch.

Then I tore right into the hatch for a while. Trying to get as much as possible done before winter hit.

The bay was painted by the first of September, about 3 weeks into the project at this point.
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Hood spacers came off several days ago. Ran my own test wish strings to see the turbulent air in that area for myself. I'm the type that likes to prove things like this for myself a lot of the time, so I don't really regret that I bought them (a whole $12).

Having only been around and seen in person a grand total of 2 other k series cars before my own and knowing that the previous owner had cut out a lot of bracing on the underside of his hood, I used the hood spacers to make sure I was going to have clearance without any issues and didn't get time to check without them until this past week after the event. That was the driving reason for dropping a couple dollars on the hood spacers was just my pure unfamiliarness with the K series and its fitment prior to this build, I know that if I'm looking for increased cooling from air flow, I'd want to do an actual vented hood and duct the radiator. Which will probably happen eventually.
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You didn't happen to record the tuft testing, did you? I'd like to see the results!
You didn't happen to record the tuft testing, did you? I'd like to see the results!
All it's going to show is yarn moving in haphazard directions. There is no laminar flow at the back of the hood/base of windshield.

At OP, I was speaking in generalities...not necessarily you in particular.

Re: ducted's quite the undertaking. Good luck. Lol
No worries, I didn't take any offense. I'm just having fun and learning along the way.

I did get a video. Not the best angle. Here's a couple screen caps since the full video is some 20 minutes worth of me just driving around. And as BlackNDecker said, all you really see is the strings flailing wildly and aimlessly. A couple of them spent good portions of time just sucked under the cowl of the hood.

I definitely like the car much better with the hood flush.

And yeah, ducting the radiator will be quite the project. Probably a good chunk of a winter either this year or next depending on how much else I decide to take on this winter.
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A couple of them spent good portions of time just sucked under the cowl of the hood.
That's exactly what I was looking for... Never expected laminar flow in that region ;)

Thanks for posting.
A couple pictures from a friend

The on Thursday got the car over to LoveFab and he made me up a prototype front upper chassis brace for K series cars. With a quick drive today, I could definitely feel a very noticeable difference in steering response. Super happy with it and If people are interested in it, I'll definitely work with him to set up a fixture for it.

Then we strapped the car up on the dyno and Cody did some tuning. I'm super happy with the results. Ended up making 212.4 whp and 149.5 wtq. on his dyno. Which is known to be a heartbreaker of a mustang dyno. (This dyno has been tested and reads about 14% lower than ProFunction's dyno. Either way, we picked up over 20 peak whp and over 10 peak wtq. The entire torque curve is about 10-15 higher than the basemap in vtec.

Baseline pull

Final Power Pull
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See those of you who attend at WMHM 14

I'll be there. can't wait.
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