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Brownie, fresh life for a K20A R hatch

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What's up I bought this car off user KdiZzL3 back in mid-August 2013. He recommended I check out the forum here. So I've been lurking for a while but finally going to post a build thread as the car's nearing completion. Some of you will possibly recognize the car from either his ownership of it or my build thread in other forums.

Anyway, drove down to Chicago to pick up the ol' hatch in August. Stripped to the bones basically.

For a week I had a little overlap time with my old sedan, but was able to make a pretty quick sale of it after I had set my mind on the hatch.

Then I tore right into the hatch for a while. Trying to get as much as possible done before winter hit.

The bay was painted by the first of September, about 3 weeks into the project at this point.
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Very nice build so far :up:

Nice suspension set up. I'm jelly.
Mandrel Bender at that shop? Sweet! Really not easy to find a shop with one in my area.
Nice :up:

What adjustments have you made to try to get the idle under control?
I like the color combos. One of the only color combos that makes the smoked corner look good.

I notice two spots on your left fender (above the wheel). They look like tiny dents......Is that just a reflection?
Still looking good.

Can you explain your side skirts? I've never seen them before. I figure it's a track thing. I only know str8 lines

Next for our viewing pleasure.....WOT videos.
1 - 5 of 48 Posts
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