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Brownie, fresh life for a K20A R hatch

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What's up I bought this car off user KdiZzL3 back in mid-August 2013. He recommended I check out the forum here. So I've been lurking for a while but finally going to post a build thread as the car's nearing completion. Some of you will possibly recognize the car from either his ownership of it or my build thread in other forums.

Anyway, drove down to Chicago to pick up the ol' hatch in August. Stripped to the bones basically.

For a week I had a little overlap time with my old sedan, but was able to make a pretty quick sale of it after I had set my mind on the hatch.

Then I tore right into the hatch for a while. Trying to get as much as possible done before winter hit.

The bay was painted by the first of September, about 3 weeks into the project at this point.
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Next up was suspension. Time to start collecting parts.

A little protective coating on the fender rails to help clean things up a little.

The car got a full rebuild on the brakes with rebuilt integra calipers, StopTech blank rotors and pads, goodridge braided lines.

The first parts I got really excited about.

By now we're into the first week of October and the clutch on my Daily puked on me. 2007 TL Type S, picked up in may with 98K on her. So some funds and time had to go towards that, which set the hatch back a couple weeks.

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In my spare time waiting for parts, I started doing little DIY things here and there. Carbon interior panels, redoing the mounts for the PCI wing that I got with the car, etc.

Some more PCI equipment.

Then the car finally saw the ground again on October 26th.

More DIY

Ended up taking a long break where all I really did was mess around on the manual lathe making some shift knobs. For fun.

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Once 2014 hit, K20 parts started flying in.

Another DIY

More parts...

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A little more love for the interior.

Then I decided it was time to get the motor in.

Brand new kPro equipped ECU

Another DIY piece.

Here I want to make a shout-out to Wire-Worx. Definitely the best customer service I've dealt with in a long time. Absolutely would go back to them in a heartbeat.

And this brings the build up to date today. A few noteable things that are left including exhaust and intake welding, hood, axels, interior/dash and power wiring, safety harnesses, and paint for a few pieces.

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Very nice build so far :up:

Nice suspension set up. I'm jelly.
Very nice:up:

Last pic reveals a custom splitter...?
Thanks. And yep, the car's intended purpose is primarily a track car. At this point the splitter is only a cardboard template as I'm trying to figure out what I want to do mounting-wise before making the real blade.
WOW just WOW on the harness, build is great!
subscribed. Great work so far. Car looks good.
Awesome build, car looks great. :cool:

I can't get over the size of those shifters, going on my list of things to buy!
First sunny, nice day of spring so far. So I did a little painting of the cage/roll bar and then got myself motivated enough to clean the garage to the point that I could finally push the car outside for the first time since september.

And then back inside waiting to be picked up to be taken over to LoveFab for some exhaust and intake fabrication.
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Got the car over to LoveFab last night to get exhaust and intake welded up.
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Mandrel Bender at that shop? Sweet! Really not easy to find a shop with one in my area.
I'm not 100% sure what he's got for bending. I actually had a pre-bent kit from Kteller and a mandrel U of aluminum that he ended up using. My choice for time's sake, otherwise this would have been twice the time in labor from him.

All welded up and ready to come back home tomorrow. Cody's welding never disappoints over at LoveFab.

3.5" intake

Converted my header from 2.5" outlet to 3" outlet.

Complete 3" exhaust with v-band connections, vibrant flex joint, bullet resonator and small muffler. Packed up nice and tight. Best ground clearance I've personally seen on even a 2.5" exhaust, let alone that fact that it's a full 3".

Front core support bar that I designed up and had him weld while he was at it.
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Phenomenal work! I must say there's not a single detail I dislike about your build. Keep it up!
Thanks for the compliments!

Today I pretty much wrapped up things in the engine bay.

And because I love comparison pictures. Spring 2013 with my sedan vs. spring 2014 with the hatch.
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very nice build! nice parts as well! pretty awesome to have a garage to be able to do all that!
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