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Was just on the Jtuned website browsing and came across this pic on their website lol:D

Anyone have personal experience with BC cams, stroker kits for the K?

A few days ago, the guys at JTuned and I were talking about the “behind the scenes” of the industry that readers and consumers of traditional media don’t get to see. So we decided to bring the readers up to speed on what’s going on behind the cameras; What they don’t see when the car is on the track, who maintains the cars and keeps them running so well, the companies involved and the drivers that get to have fun while getting paid at the same time. Here’s a recap of the 2008 BC racing season, but we’ll get more in depth and specific from the drivers, car owners, mechanics and industry people that make it happen on the track:

We came out strong in 2008, supporting several high profile Formula Drift teams, running it’s own s2000 in the Redline Time Attack and Super Lap Battle, dominating what’s left of the Drag Series’ and even putting a rally car in the X Games…the one that did the major endo over the jump. Congratulations to Tyler McQuarrie, Gary at DesignCraft, Paul and Jason at Hankook, Daiji at CWest and all of the other companies for their support in taking home the Unlimited and Grand Overall championships in Redline Time Attack and setting a few track records along the way. This car hasn’t even seen it’s full potential yet…2009 should be interesting. Robbie Nishida busted his cherry at Evergreen Speedway in Seattle getting his first podium in Formula D and qualified in the top 10 and is ready to lay it down in the RedBull World Drift deal in Long Beach next month. Other BC cars that got into this prestigious event include Sam Hubinette and Darren McNamara as well as some of the international players. What can you say about Drag, although we supported several of the All Motor hitters like Norris Prayoonto and Jeremy Lookofsky, along with the Bergenholtz’s and the Injected Performance 350z, it didn’t play out like it was supposed to. Maybe BOTI can step it up and bring it back to the glory days.

Stay posted to JTuned as Sean Crawford at JE Pistons documents the step by step process of what’s actually done to design and manufacture custom pistons, Eddie Kim of Dynamic Autosport fame gives us a taste of the trials and tribulations behind owning and managing the successful Hankook 350Z and S14 Formula D drift cars, and what it really feels like to pilot one of these cars from the eyes of Robbie Nishida. Not to mention you’ll be hearing from Hankook Tires and many others to give you an idea what it really takes to get that seamless drift or Time Attack lap record in competition.

**Brain Crower is the owner and operator of BC Inc. Brian has been at the forefront of this industry for more years than we care to imagine from his launching of the Sport Compact Division at his family’s company Crower Rods to the launch of BC a few years back. If you’re looking for top quality hard parts for your next build, we’d recommend you take a look at their product line at**
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