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Breaking News from Japan For K series motors

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In Japan, a Tuning Magazine called Hyper Rev, just published a story.

Apparently, using HONDA OEM PARTS , they were able to make a 2.0 L K20a into a 2.3 L. TOP FUEL JAPAN, did it and they are soon going to be offering this as KIT.

These motors are 86 mm x 96 mm using b16b rods. In case you don;t know, B16B pistons infact ARE longer than B18C/C1/C5 rods. They're actually the longest B series rods. The exact legnth is unknown.

They dynoed this setup in a Civic Type R and saw a 50 HP gain with whatever else they had in there. Keep in mind, that they revved it to 9000 RPM with no problems.

Tomorrow check back and I will post scanned pics of the article in Japanese.

Some food for thought...

After looking here,

the only crank that is close to 96 mm is the h23a1 and h23a4 which is 95mm out of the 92-96 prelude and 97-98 prellude.

Any ideas about converting the crank to a chain? Journals?

The length of b16b rods seems to be impossible to find. I cannot get much info on the cranks as well.
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this is actually pretty old news, ive had the issue of the hyper rev EP3 for some time now, of course i cant read japanese, so that doesnt help me get the details. ill ask one of my contacts in japan to see if he has time to translate it for me, if there is enought people wanting to know. maybe in the text of the article the crank questions are answered.

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