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I haven't had much time to drive/enjoy the car this year. I've taken her out a couple of times so far, most recent of which was the trip to Wekfest East couple of weeks ago. Thanks to Dave aka crazyjetsfan for the shots. :up:

DSC_0818 by crazyjetsfan22, on Flickr

DSC_0792 by crazyjetsfan22, on Flickr

DSC_0801 by crazyjetsfan22, on Flickr

DSC_0774 by crazyjetsfan22, on Flickr

DSC_0814 by crazyjetsfan22, on Flickr

Mugen-K, Crazyjetsfan, and yours truly. All 16x8s in this shot. :nod:

DSC_0809 by crazyjetsfan22, on Flickr

Almost 1000 miles on the motor now, and it felt great to be able to stretch her legs some. Quite frankly, I almost forgot how intoxicating this new setup is; hearing it scream as it effortlessly climbs up the rev range, where it loves to be, is a guaranteed grin :D inducer. Hopefully, I can make a little bit of time and enjoy her some more before the year is over. Thanks for following the build over the years. :):up::up:

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This build truly is timeless as the parts used are simply amazing and will always stand the test of time and will continue getting more rare as time goes by.

All the cars look great, especially all rockin 16x8's :new_slayer:

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Thanks for the kind words, guys. :wine::wine:

It's about that time to part ways with her, and I figured it's only fitting that I post it here first. I've owned her for almost a decade now. I bought this car bone stock from an older lady back in 2005. It had 165xxx on the clock at that time. The car was repainted VSM in 2009 ($3300) and was always garaged. It first received a stock k20, then a built k20 and now has a 300 HP ERL built/sleeved k24 with the potential to make a lot more, mated to a 6 speed trans with Quaife and 4.7 FD. I've put about 1000 miles on the motor; I installed a brand new Mugen Cluster when this motor went in to keep track of the miles put on the motor. ~1000 miles in 2 years, so you can see that I simply do not have the time to enjoy her as much as I'd like anymore, or at all for that matter at times. I've held off on doing this for a bit now and even now hard to believe that I am actually typing this out, but everything has to come to an end at some point; and this is it for my vsm coupe.

You can see details on parts used for the engine on the first page and throughout this thread. The dyno sheet/videos should be somewhere in the last 10 or so pages. I have a general idea of what will be on the car and buyer will also have option of adding other parts on if they so choose.

OEM 96 front, 99 rear bumpers (bought NEW) Also have og 96 front/rear that will be included.
CTR Valeo Headlights
CTR Fenders
CTR Mirrors
SiR Front Lip
Si Rear Lip
OEM Optional Center Console - Ashtray - Dark Grey
OEM Column Light - Dark Grey
OEM Dark grey Mats
OEM airbag blockoff (stock passenger SRS included)
OEM Arm Rest - Suede, blue stitched top
JDM DC5-R shift knob
Suede, blue stitched shift boot
JDM Navi
JDM ITR Hype lug
Mugen sw-36 (stock sw with airbag included)
Works Bell Hub/QR/Lock
OEM Thin moldings - paint matched
Mugen Pedals
Mugen Strut Bars
Koni Yellow/Ground Control 425/500
Function 7 LCAs and Subframe Brace
CTR Rear Sway Bar
SSR Type C 16x7 +42 with 205/45 Bridgestone RE-11
K-Teller SS 3 Inch With Apexi/Stock Muffler

Optional Stuff:

OEM SiR Front/Rear Bumpers
OEM Thin Moldings stock black
CTR Stanley Headlights (like NEW)
Stanley Square Fogs
Kevlar airbag blockoff
Dark Grey Mats (Like NEW)
Vision Low Down Rails 96-00
Mugen Dead pedal
Mugen Cluster with Red Bezel
Mugen Silver bezel
Mugen DC5 N1 Exhaust
Mugen Type Style Lip
First Molding Kevlar Lip
Feel's Lip and Grill
BYS Bumper
Vision Hood Dampers
Acura EL Center console
Sparco Harness Bar - Polished
Cusco Ti strut Bar
Alcon Brake Kit - ITR - comes with 4x100 and 5x114.3 hats
Volk ce28n - Ti Silver - 16x7 +33/+42
Vision TC Mirrors - paintmatched
Vision DC Mirrors - paintmatched
First Molding Kevlar GT
EC Work Type A Mirrors (Mugen Race Mirrors)
Zoom Kevlar rearview mirror
Zoom Monaco Silver CF rearview mirror

This is just a rough list to give you an idea. Things can be taken off/added as per buyer's wish and price will be adjusted accordingly. Once I have reverted the car to reflect the list above or close to it, I'll take pics and post an official for sale thread. I have most of the stock parts that came off the car that will be included with the sale. Come with a truck/van and haul it all away. I'd like to see her go in one piece, so I'm willing to forego the thousands in addition that could be had from parting her out.

I have no concrete price in mind just yet, and price will depend on what all a particular buyer wants/doesn't want as stated, so for now I'll be taking offers and go from there.

Thanks for following all these years. I truly, wholeheartedly appreciate it all. :up::up:

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All hail the K20 king! Thanks for sharing your incredible high baller status build...I've been following your build with my eyebrows up everytime. You're right, everything comes to an end. I hope this car will remain alive and in good condition with a new owner....

Thanks for your time Blazed.


What's next?:grinning:

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good luck with the sale, even though I never posted I always kept an eye on your build of the best hondas to be put together such an amazing parts list.

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Thanks, everyone. :up:

No immediate plans to find a replacement or what the replacement will be, actually. Need to clear out the garage first though. :silly:

Good luck with the sale ! This is a somewhat tempting buy for myself !
:thumbs up:

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You have my number, Alex. Hope all's well with you and your family. :heart:

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Sad to see this happening, but it's nice that the car was actually enjoyed for a decade. It's a lot better this way than the type of people who buy a car, put a bunch of expensive parts on it, get it into a magazine and then part it out.

Both sad and fitting that this forum is dying so this iconic car of the forum is getting parted.

Thanks for sharing your inspirational build, Blazed. Look forward to hopefully seeing your replacement in the future.
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