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here are about 6 available headers right now and as you know it is hard to compare headers since the dynos are all from different cars, different dynos... but personally I have made some conclusions....

The tsx header ($200 used)will limit you to 185whp (member joe type s dyno)

THe dc sports header ($350 new) based on the TSX will give you more but not much more but the quality of the header has been questioned from TSX owners.

Hasport header is coming out their own ($399)

Protech header AKA k20eg header ($750) will lay down 200+

Same with dtr fab header ($1100-$1300)...

True-race is coming out with a header as well as other companies... so it is too early to judge for the best one.....

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nikos said:
BoostingB20/vtec said:
what about the prototype header? any pics and how much hps it makes? my friend got 248 with that and the k-pro anyone else had similar results?
Ok, I am sorry to say this but 248 would be hard IMO....

Please tell your friend to come here and post about it...

On a dynapack dyno and with excellent tuning + custom k pro maps , who knows.... but in my opinion 250whp just with header + k pro is not possible on a dynojet and a stock motor...

Hondata race car k20a eg, made 250whp and they also used a prototype header but that was on a dynapck dyno and hondata tuned their own program...

This is Hondata's race car. It belongs to Derek Stevens, one of the owners of Hondata.

Hondata claims it made 254.2 hp / 169.5 ft-lbs from a stock K20A (dynapack). Total modifications were:

* Prototype Racing header.
* Prototype Racing intake.
* Prototype Racing oil pan baffle.
* Hondata Heatshield.
* Hondata programmable ECU.

This was with a full exhaust on a EG Civic race car. Being significantly lighter than the RSX the car goes like crazy.

Here are some movies
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