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i have 5 tranmissions laying around ep3 tsx and type s rsx what would be the best combo for my motor
k24 13.7-1
stock port k20 head and rbc
bc stage 3 cams

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I'm in the same situation & so far this is the best combo that i find matching deferent gears in the gear calc. that's the closest to a stock rsx type-s tranny that i can do for a person that owns an EP3 & a tsx tranny. but mechanically would this combo work?

i added a 5th rsx type-s since it's not that expensive. I'm wondering if that is mechaniclly possible too.

EP3 1st & 2nd, tsx 3rd & 4th, type-s 5th & tsx 6th. ep3 final drive.

ep3 ..... 1st: 3.062
ep3 .... 2nd: 1.769
tsx ..... 3rd: 1.355
tsx ..... 4th: 1.028
type-s . 5th: 0.921
tsx...... 6th: 0.659
ep3 final drive 4.764


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i have bought the same ratio but 5th &6th i was use JDM FD2 R
cause i dun think i will go top speed over 300KMH red line 9k
i still not install yet for current but it will done very soon...
hope its will get some better time on 0-400 meter
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