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Best Companies for Internal Parts?

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I have been a long time ClubRSX member and recently just found out about thtis site. I am going to go NA on my car and want to extract ever bit of HP from my motor. I see so many different companies for parts and was just wondering from people with experience what have they found to gain them the most HP or be the best parts for longevity? I was thinking of going all TODA parts but I know other companies do the same parts for less and maybe even better. So just wanted to know what companies you guys reccomend for each internal part or for overall? Valves, springs, retainers, head gasket, pistons, connecting rods, crank, camshafts, etc.? Thanks for your help.

If this has already been covered sorry I couldn't find it but if someone would post a link to that post I will just read that. Thanx again.
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skunk2, honda makes the best internal parts for the k series other than rods. You dont have to have sky high compression to make power in all motor. 11.5:1 compression is a good number and they made anywhere from 200-260whp on 11.5:1 The new modified magazine has a h22 civic w/ 11.5:1 making 250+whp. With your k20a2 toss a toda. spoon head gasket on it to get you to 11.4:1. I dont plan on touching my bottom end though, stock bottom end on a honda has always been the best. Mess with the head 1st.
I have to say I think you are wrong on this one. What is there to be done to the head? cams?
What am I wrong about??... you dont have to have sky high compression to make power all motor. Most of your power comes from the head anyway. People been doing it for years with the B series, ask omniman on H-T. Yes you can make MORE power with 12:1 or more compression but we are talking about a daily driver. There is no way I would touch my bottom end until something when wrong or I decided to build an all out race motor like the guy above stated. Yes the rods are the weakest link but its a street car and you want reliability why would you want to rev the motor over 9k? The rods can handle that. Most people that do head work on the k series work the combustion chamber and not the ports, also people have been losing power messing with the ports.
and Skunk 2, hmmm I haven't seen anything impresive from them in a while...
Well they do make good b series cams, they may have had some problems with them in the past but the new ones are pretty good. They are comming out with their k series cams, just b/c they arnt the 1st company out with shit dosent mean they arent making it. I also heard a rumor about a intake manifold as well, but I dont know about that.
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