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Best Companies for Internal Parts?

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I have been a long time ClubRSX member and recently just found out about thtis site. I am going to go NA on my car and want to extract ever bit of HP from my motor. I see so many different companies for parts and was just wondering from people with experience what have they found to gain them the most HP or be the best parts for longevity? I was thinking of going all TODA parts but I know other companies do the same parts for less and maybe even better. So just wanted to know what companies you guys reccomend for each internal part or for overall? Valves, springs, retainers, head gasket, pistons, connecting rods, crank, camshafts, etc.? Thanks for your help.

If this has already been covered sorry I couldn't find it but if someone would post a link to that post I will just read that. Thanx again.
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The absolute *best* answer anyone can give you, it depends.

Say for an absolute all out n/a beast(13:1+ compression, methanol, 10k rpms), this is what I would do.

Scat q-lite crank($3000+)
cunningham titanium rods($600 each I believe)
PPP titanium/casidiam coated wrist pins.

pistons? your choice, cp, wiseco, arias are all good. Slipper style, with lateral gas ports would be a good choice. It all depends on application, you could move the ring package up(top ring) for a little more power, but this doesn't work well with FI. No idea how much this might cost.

As for cams, lots of testing, and possibly custom, again depending on application.

valve springs/retainers, depends on cam.
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