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Basic K24 build- how does it sound?

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I've been going over a few ideas in my head, and this is what I have come up with.

Goal: street driven K24 EG hatch that retains basically stock characteristics, and doesn't lose too much fuel economy in the name of performance.

Acura TSX K24a2 (200hp 166tq)

Port and polish head
Regrind/new camshafts
Bored throttle body (not too drastic, maybe 3 or 4 mm over stock diameter)
Aftermarket IM (when available)
Hondata KPro tuned

Custom header (modified hasport?) wrapped w/heatwrap
2.5" high flow cat (I want to retain emissions controls)
2.5" straight through exhaust system
Air intake (short ram) wrapped with heatwrap

New Civic Si 6 speed tranny
Lighter (not too light) flywheel
performance clutch

Will this get me to at least 200hp and 170tq to the wheels?

Any other suggestions?
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-I also wouldn't touch the head.
-I WOULD modify your vtc to 45degrees.
-I would get the best header I could.
-I would make sure the new SI tranny has the same mounting holes that the hasport/hybrid mounts are used for.

But that's just me. :silly:

What are you supposed to be blueprinting/balancing? A stock oem block? lol, what pistons/rods/crank?
For 200/170 all you need is the k24a2 with I/H/E and modded vtc. That's it. That's over 200whp for sure. I made 191/166 on my k24a2 with i/h/e WITHOUT modded vtc. That's where the power is. It is absolutely essential.
Of course porting the head is a + if you have the money. For his setup and his goals, it is simply not needed.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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