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Bad second gear?

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k20a. Help. I think it's a bad second gear. I don't know but everytime I shift into second gear around 3k-6k rpm it feels funny. It DOESN'T grind or anything. It goes in kinda rough, like you can feel the gear all kind when your putting it in gear. Sometime it will go in smooth. All the other gears are fine. Please help thankssss.
When I drive i just skip second gear now. To scared too.
Man I'm still having trouble with hasport stage 2 axle. Still won't go in all the way on driverside. Still losing a little bit of tranny oil through driverside axle hole everytime I drive.
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I have aready sent the axle back once before and this axle went in a little more but not much. This time it BARELY seals up. It looks like the diameter of the axle spindle is A LITTLE too big. I'll take some pix in the morning for you guys to see.
I might just do the gsr axle and dc5 axle combo thing. Anybody know how to do this? For a dc2. I hate filling the tranny up everyday.
I'll try to get the pix up asap. Hey kmar111, so your axle won't go in all the way too?

The axle seal is fine. But it has nothing to do with the axle seal because the axle isn't even in far enough to seal the axle. And the tranny looks fine too, smooth. BUT, remember the STOCK dc5 axle goes in very smoothly. No problem what so ever.

Well I was just gonna bring the gsr and dc5 axle to a axle shop and have them put it together for me. I just need to know which inner shaft to use.
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