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Price lowered...need to sell :) temptation is getting the better of me.....

97 B18C type R This is a direct swap for a 92-95 civic. pull old motor drop this in...period...done. No wiring to be done, no brackets to be made...well if you start with a vtec Civic that is.

Put less than 5000 miles on it since it was purchased from Japan-motor sports, they claim the motor had less than 30,000 miles on it when purchased.

New Water Pump, Timing Belt, Bracket throttle and wiring done by Local Honda Mechanic. Actually he is the head mechanic there...anyways he also did all the valve adjustments, new gaskets where appropriate, new hoses and belts. This swap was done 1000% correct.

Dynoed 179 whp and 129 tq with just the normal mods on it....intake and exhaust. Were going to try and get another dyno run in before pulling the engine and squeeze out a couple more horses. Can Send the dyno sheet if you need it.

$4000.00+shipping The chipped ecu may not be available with this motor.

Buy this before the insane part of me comes back and I drop it in my 95 DX (winter car) my k swap is done and I gotta keep telling myself that it wouldnt make any sense to do this lol. This motor and my 93 Si took 1st in my class and overall in my region in SCCA. BTW Ive also raced this at larger events (SCCA) and all but one time smoked the competition. The engine runs strong shifts perfect and again was maintained like everything else I own...perfectly.

I also have a dc sports header in the box 250 plus shipping last I checked you would be saving 90.00 bucks.

Some Golden eagle cam gears new in wrapper. 100.00 shipped.

Last thing...the engine is strapped to a pallet (Actually had some guys I know that ship motors do this for me so it was done right) and ready to go!

Pics as they appear in order.
When it first arrived.

Replaced 99% of everything with Genuine Honda Parts.

In car shot..

Cam Gears...

Thanks for looking guys


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spoolink20 said:
Where are you located? How much shipped to 95823? Give me a price I cant refuse!!!!!! CASH ON HAND :D
Im located in Wyoming.

As for shipping cost its best if shipped to a business address...less shipping charges.

I.M. me with whatever info you can give me...


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When you say 97 ITR B18C you mean it comes with the 4.7FD JDM tranny right? Ill talk to my bro. I know he is adament on keeping a B in his crx, and has a GSR just sitting in the garage. If i can get him to sell that...he might go ahead and buy this.
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