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Hello this is the 1st time I have ever created a build thread, not just on but on any website.

Currently the purpose of this build is to get as many miles out of this engine and tranny, providing I add some love into the build. It will be going to my daughter soon. I am REPLACING the Timing System, Oil System, most Mechanical Systems, Gaskets, O-Rings, Bolts, Valvetrain Assembly, and UPGRADING Camshafts, Bolt-Ons, Fuel System, Cooling System, Exhaust System, and Engine Management.

I am slowly reworking the exterior and so far I have ordered a INGS front lip, PCI 4" side skirts, and I have not decided on a rear lip. I need to replace the rear bumper because some douche bag did a hit and run bang up job on me, not crazy damage. I would like to see the new front lip and side skirts installed to get an idea what would line up best with the PCI side skirts. I really like the oem 2002-2004 Type R rear lip, it just looks best.

I am big on oem parts. I am big on mechanical upgrades. My love for road course racing developed in the early 2000's when I got involved in SCAA/NASA schooling (Hyperfest Weekends).

Modifications Done Before 7/1/20


  • 2002 K20A2 Bone Stock Longblock
  • Hasport 62A Engine Mounts Driverside & Passenger Side
  • Hasport 70A Front & Rear Engine Mounts
Transmission & Drivetrain
  • 2002 K20A2 4.3FD 6spd
  • K-Tuned Billet Aluminum Shifter Bushings (KTD-CAB-SPH)
  • H&R 20mm wheel spacers (4065640)
  • K-Tuned Rear Lower Control Arms (KTD-RL)
  • SPC Rear Upper Camber Arms (67230)
  • SPC Front Camber Bolts (81280)
  • 05-06 OEM DC5-S 26.4mm Front Sway Bar (51300-S6M-A51)
  • 05-06 OEM DC5-S 21mm Rear Sway Bar (52300-S6M-A61)
  • Hardrace 21mm rear sway bar bushings (6911)
  • Hardrace Inner Tie Rods Gen2
  • Hotchkis Front & Rear Sway Bar End Links (2540)
  • Progress 27mm front solid sway bar
  • Progress 24mm rear solid sway bar w/ subframe brace
  • Blox front subframe Rigid Hard Collars
  • PLM rear subframe rigid hard collars
  • Hardrace Rear Knuckle Hard Bushings
  • Honda jdm DC5-R Shift Knob (54102-S6M-R00)
  • Honda jdm DC5-R shift Knob Backing Nut (90310-ST7-Z00)
Weight Reductions
  • Spare Tire (28.6lbs)
  • Jack & Tool Kit (5-6lbs)
  • Rear Seats Delete (35lbs)
  • Rear Seat Belt Delete (12lbs)
  • Rear Cargo Screen (3.5lbs)
  • All Interior Carpet (13lbs)

  • firewall carpet (10lbs)
  • All Plastic Trim Below Windows (18lbs)
  • Oem Airbox Assembly (11lbs)
  • Cruise Control Assembly (4-5lbs)
  • AC compressor, AC piping, AC blower asssmebly, AC Intercooler (30lbs)
  • Rear Lower Control Arms Minus K-Tuned Arms (3.2lbs)
  • Center Console Delete (5lbs)
  • Bose Head Unit (7.5lbs)
  • Bose AMP (2.3lbs)
  • Bose Subwoofer (6.8lbs)

  • All Four Speakers (3.2lbs)
  • Oem Cat Delete (17lbs)
  • Intake Manifold Support Area (1-2lbs)
  • Soundproof Material (30-35lbs)
  • Hood Liner (3.5lbs)
  • Glovebox (3lbs)
  • Aluminum Lug Nuts (?)
Chassis Strengthening
  • 05-06 oem DC5-S Front Upper Strut Bar (74180-S6M-L50)
  • Chromoly 1.25" pipe upper front strut bar Adjustable
  • Custom fabricated Lower A-Pillar, Lower Firewall Braces ** Modified from a steel DC5 Type S B-Pillar Mid Bar**
  • OEM JDM Aluminum DC5 Type R Lower B-Pillar Mid Brace
  • Radiator Housing & Vertical Bulkhead Stitch Welded w/ Bulkhead Bracing

  • Chassis kicker bracing at front subframe mount areas
  • Custom Race shock absorber/fender bracing
  • heavy chassis gussets added at lower B-pillar, Aluminum schedule 80 pipe bracing to upper B-Pillars> Lower B-Pillars> Rear Upper Strut Towers> Rear Gusseting added> Rear Chassis Brace added (this is the plan)
  • Stitch welding Throughout & Typically Repeated Areas and Obvious Weak Areas
  • rear chromoly bar above upper rear strut tower welded below C-pillar
  • lower B-pillar chromoly bar welded into corner gussets

Engine Parts
  • K-Motor Oil Pan Gasket K20/K24 (KM-OPGKK2024)
  • Inline Pro Timing Chain Tensioner
  • Toda Heavy Duty Timing Chain
  • Drag Cartel Billet Timing Chain guides
  • 2007 Z3 upper chain guide
  • Honda oem PRB Oil Pump (15100-PRB-A01)
  • Honda jdm 02-06 DC5-R Oil Dip Stick (15650-PRC-004)
  • Honda oem jdm DC5-R Crankpulley (13810-PRC-003)
  • Honda oem Crank Pulse Plate (13622-PNA-003)
  • 05-06 Honda oem Intake Camshaft (14110-PRC-030)
  • 05-06 Honda oem Intake VTC Cam Gear (14310-PRC-003)
  • 05-06 Honda oem Exhaust Camshaft (14120-PRC-030)
  • 05-06 Honda oem Exhaust Cam Gear (14210-PRB-A00)
  • Honda oem Valve Cotters (14781-PRB-A02)
  • Honda oem Valve Stem Seal A (12210-PZ1-004)

  • Honda oem Valve Stem Seal B (12211-PZ1-004)
  • Honda oem Valve Spring Retainers (14765-PRB-A01)
  • Honda oem TDC Camshaft Sensor (x2) (37510-PNB-003)
  • Honda oem Crankshaft Seal (43x58x7) (91212-PNC-004)
  • Honda oem Chaincase O-Ring (91302-PNA-004)
  • Honda oem Camshaft Sensor O-Ring (15x1.9) (91333-PNA-003)
  • Honda oem Camshaft Pulse Plate (14113-PNA-003)
  • Honda oem Camshaft TDC Pulse Plate (14114-PNA-000)

  • Honda oem 14mm Camshaft Seal Bolt (x2) (14115-PNA-000)
  • ARP Head Studs (ARP-208-4701)
  • Honda oem Oil Chain (64L) (13441-PCX-004)
  • Honda oem Oil Chain Guide (13460-PNC-004)
  • Honda oem Oil Chain Shaft Tensioner (13450-RAA-A02)
  • Drag Cartel Chain Guide (DC-LWR-GUD)
  • Honda oem PRB TCT (14510-PRB-A01) [ back up ]

  • Honda oem Cam Chain Tensioner Arm Guide (14520-PNA-003)
  • Honda oem Cam Chain Tensioner Bolt (90003-PNA-000)
  • Honda oem Oil Seal (43x58x7) (Nok) (91212-PNC-003)
  • Honda oem Knock Sensor (30530-PRB-A01)
  • Honda oem Oil Pressure Switch (37240-PTO-014)
  • Honda oem Block Drain Sealing Washers (28mm) (x2) (90401-PR4-000)
  • Honda oem Valve Cover Gasket (12341-RTA-000)
  • Honda oem Valve Cover Washers (90441-PNA-010)
  • Honda oem Cap Nuts (6mm) (90213-PH3-000)
  • Honda oem Spark Plug Seals (30522-PFB-007)
  • Honda oem Oil Cap O-Ring (15613-PC6-000)

  • Honda oem Coil Packs (30520-RRA-007)
  • Honda Denso Spark Plugs (SK22PR-M11S)
  • Honda oem VTC Oil Control Valve Assembly (15830-RBB-003)
  • Honda oem VTC O.C.V.A. Sealing O-Ring (15832-PNA-023)
  • Honda oem VTC Filter Assembly (15845-RAA-A01)
  • Honda oem VTEC Spool Valve Assembly (15810-PRB-A03)
  • K-Tuned P.S. Relocation Kit (KTD-PSP-204)
  • K-Tuned K-series Side Mount Pulley (KTD-SMP-K20)
  • Hasport Steel Front Engine Mount (62A) (HP-DC5FRM)
  • Hasport Billet Rear Engine Mount (70A) (DC5RR-62A)
  • Hasport Billet Left Hand Mount (62A) (DC5LH-62A)
  • Blox Oil Filter Relocation Kit (BXSS-)
  • Exhaust Venturi Vacuum Fitting for custom PCV Assembly
  • Hybrid Racing Silicone Oil Cooler Hoses (HYB-OCH-01-05)
Transmission & Drivetrain Parts

  • K-Tuned Billet Shifter Arm (KTD-BIL-ARM)
  • K-Tuned Clutch Slave Cylinder (KTD-CLK-KSS)
  • K-Tuned SS Clutch Line W/ Fittings (KTD-CLK-001)
  • Honda oem Shifter Cable Wire Washer Assembly (54118-S10-000)
  • Honda oem Split Pin (2.0x22) (94201-20220)
  • Honda oem Split Pin (2.0x35) (94201-20350)
  • Hybrid-Racing Race Spec Shifter Cables (HYB-SCA-01-05)
  • Hybrid-Racing Heavy Duty Honda Transmission Detent Springs (HYB-DTS-01-03)
  • Honda jdm DC5-R Chromoly 10.4lb Flywheel (22100-PRC-003)
  • Honda oem Flywheel Bolts (12mm) (90011-PNA-B00)
  • Honda oem Clutch Bushing (21x24x8) (22103-PNA-004)
  • Exedy Stage 1 Clutch (KHC10)
  • Honda oem Passenger Axle Seal (35x58x8) (Nok) (91206-PL3-003)
  • Honda oem Driver Axle Seal (40x56x8) (Arai) (91205-PL3-B01)
  • Honda oem Shift Arm Cover (24479-PPP-000)
  • Honda oem Select Stopper Plate (24467-PPP-000)
  • Honda oem Trans Cap Breather (21396-P20-000)
  • Buddy Club Racing Spec Quick Shift (BC08-RSS-H004) 40-50% Improvement. Modified With PRB Type S bearings to run K-Tuned Billet Shifter Arm w/ upgraded spring
  • MTEC Industries Race Shifter Springs w/ Pivot Ball ( 1st & 2nd gear )
  • MFactory LSD
  • Spoon Diff Bolts
Suspension Parts

  • BC Racing BR Type Coilovers 30-Way, Adj. Camber Tophats (01-06 Acura DC-5)
  • Hardrace Extended Roll Center Adjusters 12mm (6476)
  • Hardrace Adjustable Inner Tie Rods
  • SHG Steering Rack Limited Locking Slider (SHG.P.RACKSLIDELL)
  • Honda oem Tie Rod Lock Washer (53536-S5A-900)
  • Hardrace Outer Tie Rods (8144)

  • SPC Front Camber Bolts (81280)
  • Honda oem Steering Box Mounting (53685-S6M-000)
  • Blox Racing Subframe Rigid Collar Kit (BXSS-20603)
  • PLM Rear Subframe Rigid Hard Collars
  • Honda oem Subframe Bolts (90175-S5A-000)
  • Honda oem P.S. Rack Bracket Bolts (90455-S5A-003)
  • Mugen P.S. Hard Bushings 6pc. (53685-XK5-S0N0)
  • Hardrace Rear Knuckle Hard Rubber Bushings
Intake Parts
  • Hondata IMG (Angle Cut To Match PRB Head & RBC IM) (K20A-IMG)
  • B&B Performance Modified RBC IM (17100-RRB-A00)
  • B&B Performance Modified RRC IM
  • King Motorsports OEM TB overbore 65mm x 70mm
  • K-Tuned 70mm TB Tapered to 74mm ID (KTD-70K-DBP)
  • K-Tuned TPS Hall Effect (KTD-TPS-HES)
  • K-Tuned RBC 70mm TB Thermal Gasket (KTG-RBC-TB)

  • Honda oem Map Sensor (37830-PGK-A01)
  • Honda oem Map Sensor O-Ring (37835-PGK-A01)
  • Honda oem Map Sensor Screw Washer (5x20) (93892-05020-08)
  • Honda oem IVAC Rotary Air Control Valve Set (16022-PRB-A02)
  • Honda oem Purge Control Solenoid Valve Assembly (36162-PNC-005)
  • Honda oem P.C.S.V.A. O-Ring (36221-PNC-005)
  • Honda oem P.C.S.V.A. Screw Washer (93892-05012-08)
  • Aluminum 3" Schedule XX Pipe Bored to 74mm ID

  • Custom Aluminum 74mm ID x 3.325" ID Concentric Reducer (RC-4042-A)
  • K-Tuned 3.5" Velocity Stack Filter Combo (KTD-VST-C35)
  • K-Tuned Intake Air Temp Sensor Adapter Weld Fitting (KTD-IAT-ADA)
  • 3.5" Aluminum (1/8" wall thickness) Intake Tubing, 24" long
  • 3.5" Aluminum (1/8" wall thickness) 180deg Extra Long Radius, 24" length
  • Mishimoto 3" Coupler black (MMCP-30SBK)
  • 2017 Honda Civic Type R Hood Air In Assembly (74160-TGH-A00ZD)
Exhaust Parts
  • SSR RSX 421 SS Header
  • Honda oem Header Gasket (18115-PNB-003)
  • Vibrant SS 2.5" V-Band Clamp (VPE-1490)
  • Burns Stainless Megaphone 2.5" In, 4.5" Out, 14.5" OAL, 8deg 304SS (MEG25045SS) *** It is being cut at 3.5" DIA in length
  • Burns Stainless Short Transition 304SS 4" to 3" (RD-300-16-304-S)
  • Vibrant 3" x 6" Long SS Flex W/ Braided Liner (VPE-63006)

  • Summit Racing 3" SS Premium V-Band Clamp (x2) (SUM-697300)
  • Summit Racing 3" 409SS by 48" long Exhaust Tubing (SUM-640130-1)
  • Summit Racing 3" 180deg Bend 6" Radius, 10.75" Legs Tube (SUM-622005-SS)
  • Vibrant 3" SS Ultra Quite Straight-Thru Resinator (VPE-1142)
  • Vibrant 3" SS Stealth Straight-Thru Muffler (VPE-1147)
  • Vibrant 45deg Oxygen Sensor (x2) (VPE-1193A)
  • Summit Racing SS Exhaust Hanger Hardware (x8) (WLK-35411)
Fuel Parts
  • Acura RDX 410cc Fuel Injector Assemblies (16450-RWC-A01)
  • Acura RDX Injector Clips (16451-PLC-000)
  • K-Tuned RDX Injector Clips & Pigtails (KTD-RDX-CB)
  • AEM 340lph Fuel Pump (50-1000)

  • Fuelab Fuel Filter, 40 Micron SS Element, -6AN Inlet/Outlet (81811-1)
  • Vibrant Inline 3pc. Fuel Filter Set -6AN (VPE-16736)
  • Vibrant -6AN Check Valve (VPE-11187)
  • Vibrant Alum -6AN ORB Slimline Port Plug (VPE-10992)
  • Vibrant -6AN Flare x -6AN Straight Cut (x2) (VPE-16826)
  • Vibrant -6AN 90deg Swivel Hose End (x4) (VPE-21906)
  • Vibrant -6AN Straight Swivel Hose End (x7) (VPE-21006)
  • Vibrant -6AN Union (x3) (VPE-10702)
  • K-Tuned -6AN to 1/4" Female EFI (KTD-14-EFI)
  • Vibrant -6AN (0.34"ID) 10' Black Nylon Braided Flex Race Hose (VPE-11966)
  • Vibrant -6AN x 3/8" female Quick Disconnect (VPE-16886) fuel tank supply conversn
Cooling System Parts
  • Mishimoto Inline Water Temp Sensor Housing 32mm (MMWHS-32-BK)
  • Mishimoto 32mm Radiator Cap Housing Aluminum Weld Fitting (MMFN-S)
  • Mishimoto 1.3 Bar Radiator Cap (MMRC-13-SM)
  • Speed Factory Tuck Radiator (SF-06-TuckedRad)
  • Speed Factory Tuck Radiator -16AN Hoses & -16AN fitting package (SF-04-048)
  • K-Tuned Swivel Neck Thermostat (KST-UNV-16A)
  • K-Tuned Coolant Temp Sensor Fitting Port (KTS-GF-307)
  • Summit Racing EPDM Silicone Radiator Hose 90deg 5" legs (SUM-294040)
  • Summit Racing EPDM Silicone Radiator Hose 90deg 5" legs (SUM-295040)
Brake Parts

  • EBC Ultimax Front Rotors (RK1473)
  • EBC Premium Rear Rotors (RK7128)
  • EBC Green Front Brake Pads (DP21254)
  • EBC Yellow Rear Brake Pads (DP41193R)
  • Stoptech SS Front Brake Lines (805890389774)
  • Stoptech SS Rear Brake Lines (90540502)
Mechanical System Parts
  • Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge, 0-100psi, Ultra-Lite (105-4321)
  • Autometer Water Temp Gauge, 100-250degF, Ultra-Lite (105-4337)
  • Autometer Oil Temp Gauge
  • Autometer Voltage Gauge
  • Autometer Intake Temp Sensor Gauge
  • Odyssey PC680 Battery Metal Jacket (0769-2017)
  • Keep It Clean Battery Kill Switch (KCW-10639)
  • Odyssey Universal Terminals (3217-0006)

  • Honda oem Water Pump (19200-PRB-A01)
  • Honda oem Water Pump Gasket (19222-PRB-A01)
  • Summit Racing -16AN Male Aluminum Weld In Bung (SUM-220064)
  • Earls -10AN Male Aluminum Weld Fitting (x7) (EAR-997110ERL)
  • Earls -6AN Male Aluminum Weld Fitting (x2) (EAR-997106ERL)
  • Summit Racing -6AN Male Steel Weld Bung (x2) (SUM-220023)
  • Vibrant 3/8" ID Hose Barbed Weld On Bung (x2) (VPE-11181)
  • Moroso -16AN ORB x 1.25" Hose Aluminum Fitting (63521)

  • Moroso 3/8" NPT Female Aluminum Weld Bung (68900)
  • Summit Racing -10AN 45deg Twist-Tite Barb Hose (x2) (SUM-220708-N)
  • K-Motor -10AN x M14x1.5 PCV Delete Fitting (CS-60AR-4SZD)
  • Honda oem PCV Valve (17130-PRB-A01)
  • Aeroflow M14 x 1.5 Aluminum Weld Bung (x2)
  • Honda Drain Plug Washer (14mm) (94109-14000)
  • Vibrant 3/4" ID Barbed Hose Aluminum Weld On Bung (x3) (VPE-11184)
  • Vibrant -10AN (0.56"ID) 10' Black Nylon Braided Flex Race Hose (VPE-11970)
  • Honda oem Power Steering Oil Tank Bracket (53777-S6M-000)
  • Speedmaster 2.20" dia x 0.7" depth Push-In Air Cleaner (PCE104-1090)
  • Wildside Composites Carbon Fiber Sheet (26" L x 14.5" W x 0.09" T) (WSO-WS9033)
  • Fragolia # 16 x 1 - 5/16 - 16AN (16) (495119-BL)
  • Amazon $75 K20 Upper Coolant Housing W/ Filler Neck & -16AN (KP57901)
Fitting Inventory

  • Vibrant (#22904) 4AN push on 90deg swivel hose end (qty. 2)
  • Aeroquip (#AER-FBM2002) 4AN x 1/4" NPT adaptor (qty. 1)
  • Summit Racing (#SUM-220451B) 4AN x 1/4" NPT 90deg elbow (qty. 1)
  • K-Tuned 6AN x 1/4" female EFI (qty. 1)

  • Vibrant 6AN x 3/8" female quick disconnect (qty. 2)
  • Vibrant (#21906) 6AN 90deg swivel hose end (qty. 5)
  • Vibrant (#21006) 6AN straight hose end (qty. 7)
  • Vibrant (#10702) 6AN union (qty. 3)
  • Vibrant (#10732) 6AN female 90deg union (qty. 1)
  • Vibrant (#10792) 6AN Tee (qty. 1)
  • Vibrant (#16746) 6AN shut-off valve (qty. 2)
  • Vibrant (#26002) 6AN hose x 3/8" NPT male hose end (qty. 1)
  • Summit Racing (#SUM-220675B) 6AN gauge adapter (qty. 1)
  • Vibrant (#11533) 8AN male banjo M12 x 1.5 bolt (qty. 1)
  • Vibrant (#11187) 8AN gas check valve (qty. 1)
  • Vibrant (#11190) 8AN male check valve (qty.1)
  • Vibrant (#21008) 8AN staight swivel hose end (qty. 4)
  • Vibrant (#21408) 8AN 45deg swivel hose end (qty. 2)
  • Vibrant (#26004) 8AN hose x 3/8" NPT male straight hose (qty. 1)

  • Russel (#610175) 8AN 90deg swivel hose end (qty. 1)
  • Vibrant (#22010) 10AN push on straight swivel hose end (qty. 5)
  • Vibrant (#22910) 10AN push on 90deg swivel hose end (qty. 5)
  • Vibrant (#10715) 12AN female 45deg union elbow (qty. 2)
  • Vibrant (#24012) 12AN hose x 12AN male hose end (qty. 2
  • Vibrant (#16841) 12AN flare x 12AN straight cut O-ring (qty. 3)
  • Vibrant (#11181) 3/8" ID barbed weld-on (qty. 2)
  • Vibrant (#11184) 3/4" ID barbed weld-on (qty. 3)
  • Earl's Aluminum 6AN weld-o-let (qty. 7)
  • Earl's Aluminum 8AN weld-o-let (qty. 3)
  • Earl's Aluminum 10AN weld-o-let (qty. 6)
  • All Star Steel 6AN weld-o-let (qty. 4)
  • Moroso (#68900) 3/8" NPT Aluminum weld-o-let (qty. 2)
Weight Reduction Projects
  • Odyssey PC680 Metal Jacket 15lb Battery (8lbs)
  • Honda jdm DC5-R Aluminum Front Control Arms
  • Honda oem DC5-R Aluminum Front Bumper (7lbs)
  • Honda oem DC5-R Aluminum Rear Bumper (9lbs)
  • Sound Deadening Removal

Other parts and tools purchased :
  • SS Feeler Gauges 0.03 mm - 1 mm (HT0868)
  • Clockwise Tools Digital Indicator 0 - 1" / 25.4 mm (DIGR-0105)
  • Honda HN Moly Paste (M77) 2.65 oz. (08798-9013)
  • SPC Valve seal install punch
  • Versa Chem Connector & Spark Plug Boot Grease 0.25 oz. (15309)
  • Honda 5999 Ultra Flange II 4 oz. (08718-0009)
  • Hondabond HT 1.9 oz. (x2) (08718-0004)
  • Cyclo Dielectric Grease 3 oz. (C-706)
  • Imperial Tube Bender Triple Head Head 180 deg (470FH)
  • VHT High Temp Wrinkle Plus 11 oz.

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That is quite the list ! In for some pics ✅
Brother I am getting the pics up slowly. Things are going to take off fast, I have a 400A Miller gasoline welder/generator coming over to play with and power my 200A Tig welder. I will be able to weld complete all of my aluminum parts and SS parts.

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Takes a lot of dedication to build an array of parts like you have, very nice work 👍
Thanks brother. I am going to document the process and share it.

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9/26/20 Progress

Today I am working with my extra PRB head. I have been using it for practicing porting and polishing and learning the apex's and concave pockets of the intake and exhaust ports. I am planning to hand PNP the PRB I am using in this build. My intentions are not to wildly bore the ports, I want to mildly accent the existing ports by hand and some machine. My goals are to do better than the RSP head and still keep a strong baseline platform. I want to see the difference the modified RBC IM makes, improve the intake and exhaust ports some, supply a lot of air from a ram air system, and keep the Z1 (PRC) cams. I am not after huge gains from the jump, keeping velocity while making cfm gains is my goal. I am more interested in seeing how well all of the intake and exhaust improvements work together that I have designed.

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Taking notes. I have a 06 PRB head on the shelf that i would love to be able to do some work on but as far as porting goes my experience is 2 throttle body openings 🙄😂
Throttle Body boring is a good start to get a feel for removing cast aluminum and learning how different burring bits feel, how certain grit sandpaper feels, etc. When I TB bore, I also taper the bore.

The next step is doing the rest of the intake manifold. Many people underestimate the task, they ruin the important balance between air velocity and cfm improvement. Too much stock is removed in the wrong places that hurts velocity. Too much stock removed in certain areas cans hurt the beginning stages of fuel atomization. And of course at the end of the runners where they meet the head's intake ports - what is port matching ?

Believe me I am not getting on and talking like I know this and I know that. There are plenty of pioneers in this business that have figured out how to do this kind of work. However, they had to start some where and had to start on gut feelings, practicing, and finding out if I do this the result is this. I am one of those people that is starting. I have only ported and polished one K series head and I have ported and polished (4) RBC IM's, (1) PRC, and (2) PRB IM's. I prefer to port match RBC IM's to PRB heads b/c once the plenum is removed I can see down the 75% of the runners and use feeler gauges to find out if there is something that needs to be smoothed out. It really helps lining up thermal intake manifold gaskets which disrupt the the meeting angle of IM to cylinder head port.

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That won't fly. What thermal IMG do you have?

See this is where having the plenum off of the RBC IM would work to your advantage. You could bolt it up with the IMG and see how the bolt play works out before going any further. And be able to get a good mock up.


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Auto part Automotive exterior Bumper Audio equipment

I am not into extreme polishing when it comes to working on these manifolds. As far as blending for smoothness down the runner's path, yes I blend smoothly and I don't worry about polishing away the working marks completely. I aim to keep as much wall thickness, which is something I consistently check during the work.

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Looks good. I have a couple no name thermal gaskets, one for tsx and one for rsx. I checked the prb gasket against the rbc ports and there wasn’t quite as much leftover but still not a perfect match. I have a friend who’s skilled in these areas, but I’m not sure what the cost would be vs attempting my own matching up. But I would like the incoming air to have a proper path from throttle body to the valves.
A "proper" path is important. Even a small section of stock in the pathway will create a negative pressure zone inside. Inside meaning when the runner meet the head. It will block air going towards the intake port. When the intake valve closes, a the incoming wave of air will bounce back off the valve and it will move back towards the plenum to be stored. The negative pressure pocket will disrupt this and also hurt fuel atomization.

There are some secrets to the trade in port matching IM's, Thermal IMG, and cylinder head intake ports.

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The goal is this weekend is to finish mock up on the parts I am making that will go into the engine bay. Finalize the bracing brackets for the parts by using the existing stock locations already given to me. I am creating my own ram air filter box out of aluminum and carbon fiber and I will admit it is one of the dominant engine bay parts. To me Honda utilized a good spot in the engine bay to make their airbox assembly. I am going to continue with Honda's idea but change the function and plumbing of the airbox.

The top of the airbox will be feed by a ram air scoop assembly fabricated into the hood. The bottom of the airbox will be feed from duct work coming from the front of the car. The airbox inside of the engine bay will be protected from heatsoak and engine bay temps. The velocity stack will not be flush fit on the inside of the airbox, I thought that would be neat, but it would change the dynamics of the intake. The velocity stack will have a filter. For right now the intake pipe will go into the airbox and at the walls a rubber sleeve will seal and protect the intake pipe from vibrating against the airbox's outer walls.

I will be pulling the engine out of the car after I am done with the engine bay part mock up, make the bracketing work, and complete the parts and check their install. I will be pulling the engine and transmission out after this. Since I am going with a SpeedFactory tucked radiator, I have already drained the oem radiator and removed it. This will make pulling the engine and transmission out easy. Once the engine is out I can begin working on the engine bay.

What is going to happen in the engine bay..... :

  • stitch welding
  • engine mount reinforcement
  • SpeedFactory Radiator Test Fit
  • Upper strut tower reinforcement
  • Upper strut tower bar
  • subframe reinforcement welds
  • clutch reservoir relocation
  • clutch line upgrade install
  • K-Tuned Adj. Inner Tie Rods
  • Start Working an Alternator Relocation Kit
  • Clean Up Engine Harness
  • Clean Up Radiator Wire Harness
  • Clean Up Alternator, Starter, Batter, and Fuse Box Harnesses
  • cleaning and painting
  • begin front splitter designing

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This is the aluminum tubing I am going to fabricate a valvecover breather box from. 6061 Aluminum tube 4" x 2". This piece is ruffly 2ft. I will be using just a section of it. This pic is just to show the material and how some of the fittings will look.

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I spoke with a previous employer today about renting a gasoline powered Miller Bobcat 250A welder. I am calling this upcoming Monday about it. I will be able to power my high frequency Tig 200 to weld my aluminum parts
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