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Hello this is the 1st time I have ever created a build thread, not just on nut on any website. My little company is call B&B Weld and Fabrication and by no means am I attempting to sell products that B&B makes. I am simply sharing somethings as this build thread develops. Some history on this thread : I purchased this 2002 Acura RSX Type S a few years ago. It was 100% bone stock, zero modifications done, and it was a one owner of a 56 year old man primarily used for highway travel as a DD to work. The car came with the original window sale sticker, the maintenance reports from the dealership service department, original literature packets, original leather travel notebook provided by the dealership, and even an Acura pen with business card of the car's salesman.

The car was turned over to me at 142,000 miles, burned little to zero oil, and came with a strong engine. The tranny has zero pop-outs, grinds, hesitations, and shifts like butter. The dealership installed the LSD and I must say did a fine job keeping the engine, tranny, and chassis up to par. The only thing wrong with the car is the door locks have to be done manual and the timing chain has slack in it. This build thread is being done to the best of my ability and will provide as many (part numbers) as possible.

Modifications Done Before 7/1/20


  • 2002 K20A2 Bone Stock Longblock
  • Hasport 62A Engine Mounts Driverside & Passenger Side
  • Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts (Rear)
Transmission & Drivetrain
  • 2002 K20A2 4.3FD 6spd, Oem JDM DC5-R LSD
  • K-Tuned Billet Aluminum Shifter Bushings (KTD-CAB-SPH)
  • K-Tuned Rear Lower Control Arms (KTD-RL)
  • SPC Rear Upper Camber Arms (67230)
  • SPC Front Camber Bolts (81280)
  • 05-06 oem DC5-S Front Sway Bar (51300-S6M-A51)
  • 05-06 oem DC5-S Rear Sway Bar (52300-S6M-A61)
  • Hotchkis Front & Rear Sway Bar End Links (2540)
  • Megan Rear Lower Adj. Tie Bar (0788536944240)
- Honda jdm DC5-R Shift Knob ()

Weight Reductions
  • Spare Tire (28.6lbs)
  • Jack & Tool Kit (5lbs)
  • Rear Seats Delete (35lbs)
  • Rear Seat Belt Delete (12lbs)
  • Rear Cargo Screen (3.5lbs)
  • All Interior Carpet (13lbs)
  • All Plastic Trim Below Windows (18lbs)
  • Oem Airbox Assembly (11lbs)
  • Rear Lower Control Arms Minus K-Tuned Arms (3.2lbs)
  • Center Console Delete (5lbs)
  • Bose Head Unit (7.5lbs)
  • Bose AMP (2.3lbs)
  • Bose Subwoofer (6.8lbs)
  • All Four Speakers (3.2lbs)
  • Oem Cat Delete (17lbs)
  • Hood Liner (3.5lbs)
  • Glovebox (3lbs)
  • DC5-S Front Leather Seats vs Cloth (12lbs)
  • Aluminum Lug Nuts (?)
Chassis Strengthening
- 05-06 oem DC5-S Front Upper Strut Bar (74180-S6M-L50)

All New Parts Purchased After 7/1/20 For B&B Build

Engine Parts
  • K-Motor Oil Pan Gasket K20/K24 (KM-OPGKK2024)
  • K-Tuned Magnetic Oil Pan Drain Plug ()
  • Honda oem PRB Oil Pump (15100-PRB-A01)
  • Honda oem jdm DC5-R Crankpulley (13810-PRC-003)
  • Honda oem Crank Pulse Plate (13622-PNA-003)
  • 05-06 Honda oem Intake Camshaft (14110-PRC-030)
  • 05-06 Honda oem Intake VTC Cam Gear (14310-PRC-003)
  • 05-06 Hodna oem Exhaust Camshaft (14120-PRC-030)
  • 05-06 Honda oem Exhaust Cam Gear (14210-PRB-A00)
  • Honda oem Valve Cotters (14781-PRB-A02)
  • Honda oem Valve Stem Seal A (12210-PZ1-004)
  • Honda oem Valve Stem Seal B (12211-PZ1-004)
  • Honda oem Valve Spring Retainers (14765-PRB-A01)
  • Honda oem TDC Camshaft Sensor (x2) (37510-PNB-003)
  • Honda oem Crankshaft Seal (43x58x7) (91212-PNC-004)
  • Honda oem Chaincase O-Ring (91302-PNA-004)
  • Honda oem Camshaft Sensor O-Ring (15x1.9) (91333-PNA-003)
  • Honda oem Camshaft Pulse Plate (14113-PNA-003)
  • Honda oem Camshaft TDC Pulse Plate (14114-PNA-000)
  • Honda oem 14mm Camshaft Seal Bolt (x2) (14115-PNA-000)
  • Mugen SS Head Gasket K20AX (0.4 compression bump) (12257-XK5-0000)
  • ARP Head Studs (ARP-208-4701)
  • Honda oem Oil Chain (64L) (13441-PCX-004)
  • Honda oem Oil Chain Guide (13460-PNC-004)
  • Honda oem Oil Chain Shaft Tensioner (13450-RAA-A02)
  • Drag Cartel Chain Guide (DC-LWR-GUD)
  • Honda oem PRB TCT (14510-PRB-A01)
  • Honda oem Cam Chain Tensioner Arm Guide (14520-PNA-003)
  • Honda oem Cam Chain Guide A (14530-PNA-003)
  • Honda oem Cam Chain Guide B (14540-PRB-A01)
  • Honda oem Cam Chain Tensioner Bolt (90003-PNA-000)
  • Honda oem Crank Sensor (37500-PNB-003)
  • Honda oem Knock Sensor (30530-PRB-A01)
  • Honda oem Oil Pressure Switch (37240-PTO-014)
  • Honda oem Block Drain Sealing Washers (28mm) (x2) (90401-PR4-000)
  • Honda oem Valvecover Gasket (12341-RTA-000)
  • Honda oem Valvecover Washers (90441-PNA-010)
  • Honda oem Cap Nuts (6mm) (90213-PH3-000)
  • Honda oem Spark Plug Seals (30522-PFB-007)
  • Honda oem Coil Packs (30520-RRA-007)
  • Denso Spark Plugs (SK22PR-M11S)
  • Honda oem VTC Oil Control Valve Assembly (15830-RBB-003)
  • Honda oem VTC O.C.V.A. Sealing O-Ring (15832-PNA-023)
  • Honda oem VTC Filter Assembly (15845-RAA-A01)
  • Honda oem VTEC Spool Valve Assembly (15810-PRB-A03)
Transmission & Drivetrain Parts
  • K-Tuned Billet Shifter Arm (KTD-BIL-ARM)
  • Honda oem Shifter Cable Wire Washer Assembly (54118-S10-000)
  • Honda oem Split Pin (2.0x22) (94201-20220)
  • Honda oem Split Pin (2.0x35) (94201-20350)
  • Honda jdm DC5-R Chromoly 10.4lb Flywheel (22100-PRC-003)
  • Honda oem Flywheel Bolts (12mm) (90011-PNA-B00)
  • Honda oem Clutch Bushing (21x24x8) (22103-PNA-004)
  • Exedy Stage 1 Clutch ()
  • Honda oem Trans Cap Breather (21396-P20-000)
Suspension Parts

  • BC Racing BR Type Coilovers 30-Way, Adj. Camber Tophats (01-06 Acura DC-5)
  • Energy Suspension Master Bushing Set (16-18111)
  • K-Tuned Extended Roll Center Adjusters (KTD-RCA-R02)
  • K-Tuned Adjustable Inner Tie Rod Arms (KTD-TRI-RCI)
  • Honda oem Tie Rod Lock Washer (53536-S5A-900)
  • Honda oem Steering Box Mounting A Bushing (53685-S5A)
  • Honda oem Steering Gear Box Mounting Box (53685-SL0-A00)
  • Hardrace Outer Tie Rods (8144) *** May be switching to Hardrace Reverse Thread Spherical Rods
  • SPC Front Camber Bolts (81280)
Intake Parts
  • Hondata IMG (Cut Angled To Match PRB Head & RBC IM) ()
  • B&B Modified RBC IM ()
  • K-Tuned 70mm TB Tapered to 74mm ID (KTD-70K-DBP)
  • K-Tuned TPS Hall Effect (KTD-TPS-HES)
  • K-Tuned 70mm TB Thermal Gasket ()
  • Honda oem Map Sensor (37830-PGK-A01)
  • Honda oem Map Sensor O-Ring (37835-PGK-A01)
  • Honda oem Map Sensor Screw Washer (5x20) (93892-05020-08)
  • Honda oem IVAC Rotary Air Control Valve Set (16022-PRB-A02)
  • Honda oem Purge Control Solenoid Valve Assembly (36162-PNC-005)
  • Honda oem P.C.S.V.A. O-Ring (36221-PNC-005)
  • Honda oem P.C.S.V.A. Screw Washer (93892-05012-08)
  • Aluminum 2.5" Schedule 10 Pipe Bored to 74mm ID
  • Custom Aluminum 74mm ID x 3.325" ID Concentric Reducer (RC-4042-A)
  • K-Tuned 3.5" Velocity Stack Filter Combo (KTD-VST-C35)
  • K-Tuned Intake Air Temp Sensor Adapter Weld Fitting (KTD-IAT-ADA)
  • 3.5" Aluminum (1/8" wall thickness) Intake Tubing, 24" long
Exhaust Parts
  • K-Tuned 421 RSX 409 Race Header (B&B Modified true 2.5" collector) (KRH-RSX-409)
  • Honda oem Header Gasket (18115-PNB-003)
  • Vibrant SS 2.5" V-Band Clamp (VPE-1490)
  • Burns Stainless Megaphone 2.5" In, 4.5" Out, 14.5" OAL, 8deg 304SS (MEG25045SS) *** It is being cut at 3.5" DIA
  • Burns Stainless Short Transition 304SS 4" to 3" (RD-300-16-304-S)
  • Vibrant 3" x 6" Long SS Flex W/ Braided Liner (VPE-63006)
  • Summit Racing 3" SS Premium V-Band Clamp (x2) (SUM-697300)
  • Summit Racing 3" 409SS by 48" long Exhaust Tubing (SUM-640130-1)
  • Summit Racing 3" 180deg Bend 6" Radius, 10.75" Legs Tube (SUM-622005-SS)
  • Vibrant 3" SS Ultra Quite Straight-Thru Resinator (VPE-1142)
  • Vibrant 3" SS Stealth Straight-Thru Muffler (VPE-1147)
  • Vibrant 45deg Oxygen Sensor (x2) (VPE-1193A)
  • Summit Racing SS Exhaust Hanger Hardware (x8) (WLK-35411)
Fuel Parts
  • Acura RDX 410cc Fuel Injector Assembly (16450-RWC-A01)
  • Acura RDX Injector Clips (16451-PLC-000)
  • K-Tuned RDX Injector Clips & Pigtails (KTD-RDX-CB)
  • AEM 340lph Fuel Pump (50-1000)
  • Fuelab Fuel Filter, 40 Micron SS Element, -6AN Inlet/Outlet (81811-1)
  • Vibrant Inline 3pc. Fuel Filter Set -6AN (VPE-16736)
  • Vibrant -6AN Check Valve (VPE-11187)
  • Vibrant Alum -6AN ORB Slimline Port Plug (VPE-10992)
  • Vibrant -6AN Flare x -6AN Straight Cut (x2) (VPE-16826)
Cooling System Parts
  • Mishimoto Inline Water Temp Sensor Housing 32mm (MMWHS-32-BK)
  • Mishimoto 32mm Radiator Cap Housing Aluminum Weld Fitting (MMFN-S)
  • Mishimoto 1.3 Bar Radiator Cap (MMRC-13-SM)
  • Speed Factory Tuck Radiator (SF-06-TuckedRad)
  • Speed Factory Tuck Radiator -16AN Hoses (SF-04-048)
  • K-Tuned Swivel Neck Thermostat (KST-UNV-16A)
  • Summit Racing EPDM Silicone Radiator Hose 90deg 5" legs (SUM-294040)
Brake Parts

  • EBC Ultimax Front Rotors (RK1473)
  • EBC Premium Rear Rotors (RK7128)
  • EBC Green Front Brake Pads (DP21254)
  • EBC Yellow Rear Brake Pads (DP41193R)
  • Stoptech SS Front Brake Lines (805890389774)
  • Stoptech SS Rear Brake Lines (90540502)
Mechanical System Parts & Fittings
  • Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge, 0-100psi, Ultra-Lite (105-4321)
  • Autometer Water Temp Gauge, 100-250degF, Ultra-Lite (105-4337)
  • Honda oem Water Pump (19200-PRB-A01)
  • Honda oem Water Pump Gasket (19222-PRB-A01)
  • Summit Racing -16AN Male Aluminum Weld In Bung (SUM-220064)
  • Earls -10AN Male Aluminum Weld Fitting (x7) (EAR-997110ERL)
  • Earls -6AN Male Aluminum Weld Fitting (x2) (EAR-997106ERL)
  • Summit Racing -6AN Male Steel Weld Bung (x2) (SUM-220023)
  • Vibrant Performance 3/8" ID Hose Barbed Weld On Bung (x2) (VPE-11181)
  • Moroso -16AN ORB x 1.25" Hose Aluminum Fitting (63521)
  • Summit Racing -10AN 45deg Twist-Tite Barb Hose (x2) (SUM-220708-N)
  • K-Motor -10AN x M14x1.5 PCV Delete Fitting (CS-60AR-4SZD)
  • Honda oem PCV Valve (17130-PRB-A01)
  • Honda Drain Plug Washer (14mm) (94109-14000)
  • Vibrant -10AN Push On 90deg Swivel Barb Hose (x3) (VPE-22910)
  • Vibrant -10AN Push On Straight Swivel Barb Hose (x6) (VPE-22010)
  • Vibrant 3/4" ID Barbed Hose Aluminum Weld On Bung (x3) (VPE-11184)
  • Vibrant -6AN 90deg Swivel Hose End (VPE-21906)
  • Vibrant -6AN Straight Swivel Hose End (x7) (VPE-21006)
  • K-Tuned -6AN to 1/4" Female EFI (KTD-14-EFI)
  • Vibrant -10AN (0.56"ID) 10' Black Nylon Braided Flex Race Hose (VPE-11970)
  • Vibrant -6AN (0.34"ID) 10' Black Nylon Braided Flex Race Hose (VPE-11966)
  • Honda oem Power Steering Oil Tank Bracket (53777-S6M-000)
Weight Reduction Projects

  • Honda oem jdm DC5-R Front Lower Control Arms (11lbs)
  • Odyssey PC680 Metal Jacket 15lb Battery (8lbs)
  • Aluminum Hood Brackets w/ Ti Bolts
  • Aluminum Hatch Brackets w/ Ti Bolts
  • Honda oem DC5-R Aluminum Front Bumper (7lbs)
  • Honda oem DC5-R Aluminum Rear Bumper (9lbs)
  • Honda A/C Condenser & Lines (19.2lbs)
  • Honda oem Hood Lightening Service
  • Honda oem Front & Passenger Door Lightening Service
Mechanical System Upgrades

  • Closed PCV Oil Catch Can
  • Valve Cover Breather Box
  • Ram Air Intake Box
  • Upper Coolant Swirl Tank
  • Higher Functioning Radiator
  • Air Cooling Duct Work
Planned Future Parts

  • Front Splitter
  • Rear Diffuser
  • Hybrid- Racing Shifter Cables
  • ASP Custom Header
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