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axle problems

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sup guys...can anyone tell me if i can use a prelude axle in my ek if i change the outer to a gsr???? broke my inner cup and joint on my rsx shaft....cant afford to buy some aftermarkets for a few more weeks....and noone one wants to sell me one cuz they need them for when they sell the swaps.thanks in advance.....
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If you are using hasport mounts, you can use

for EK with hasport mounts
drivers side- stock k series inner hub, and shaft, with outter b series hub.
pass side- stock b series outter hub, prelude shaft(92+), k series inner
so what you are saying is i cant use the prelude inner?????damn....thats the whole reason i want to use the inner on my k axle is destroyed.... anyone know if a legend inner will work????thanks nikos...
yes you have to use the k series inner hubs. its a must.
aye i didnt even know that was you bro. this is neil, from thc.
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