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axle help

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wassup k20a.
in need in some help again. i have an k20a2 ek civic w/32mm 5 lug. im trying to change my passenger side axle but i cant to seem to remove the inbound joint that connect to the drive shaft or 1/2 shaft. im hammering away a it but its not budging so i just want to buy a new one.
so, may someone please tell me what this part is called, that is connected to the trans. the shaft in the middle of the cv axle and trans.

i bought 2 passenger side axles (1 type-s, 1 gsr). i removed the inbound of both axles, then placed the type-s inbound onto the GSR axle. did i do that right?

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^^^how did i miss this??? so thats all i need is rsx base?
I've ran 32mm(base) and 36mm(type s) GSP axles with no problems.
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