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axle help

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wassup k20a.
in need in some help again. i have an k20a2 ek civic w/32mm 5 lug. im trying to change my passenger side axle but i cant to seem to remove the inbound joint that connect to the drive shaft or 1/2 shaft. im hammering away a it but its not budging so i just want to buy a new one.
so, may someone please tell me what this part is called, that is connected to the trans. the shaft in the middle of the cv axle and trans.

i bought 2 passenger side axles (1 type-s, 1 gsr). i removed the inbound of both axles, then placed the type-s inbound onto the GSR axle. did i do that right?

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I've heard of swapping inners with rsx 32mm and 36mm but you're doing it with a B-series axle? this is news to me.

if the lengths work out and there isn't any binding then go for it.

OP, you cant obtain a pair of OEM 32mm rsx base axles?
if you're 32mm, a couple options

1. OEM RSX base axle w/ swapped inners. DO NOT use aftermarket (advance auto, etc) as those have tripod bearings which make it a bit difficult to swap inners. its possible but messy

2. OEM RSX type s axles w/ swapped inners but you need the 32mm spline shaft end (part that goes into the hub) from either a B or D series axle. this can get messy, if you don't mind swapping cups, regreasing and reclamping, go for it

those two options I know for sure work, sup people said they used EP3 axles with no issues some said they have.

OP, just make sure the lengths on those B series axles are good to use. like I said this is the first time I heard of someone using b series axles with type s swapped inners.
yeap, backwards

just as you said but

- use the type s axles
- swap the inners on the type s axles
- use the outers (hub end) from the gsr axle on the type s axles

hope that makes sense
if both pairs of axles you have are OEM, I believe simply swapping the inners and the outers will be fine.

if you have aftermarket axles (like I experienced) not only will you have to swap the inners but the tripod bearings as well, that's on the inner side.

On the outer side (hub end) not sure what that entails as I have never tried it, I tried to keep things as simple as possible lol =p
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