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Hey all. I have an issue with my hasport axle(s).

The original driver side axle popped out of the inner cup, the transmission side. This happened when making a full lock turn in my neighborhood. My guess is the shaft was too short, maybe the wrong shaft, or it was booted incorrectly and clamped that way.

They sent me a replacement but now I am getting loud popping/clicking in reverse and from normal, non launching, take off. I tried to move the shaft back and forth horizontally to check if there was any play and it is solid. I always thought there should be a small amount of play. Am I wrong?

Here are pictures of the inner boot. I cant really get a good pic of the outer boot yet while its sitting on the ground. Does this look like to sharp of an angle?

One more thought. I don't recall hearing popping with the TSX axle installed.
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Edit: These pictures are in my album here Prelude Album if you need to see a bigger picture.
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