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WHEELS: Authentic BBS LM 18x8+35 / 18x9+42 bolt pattern: 5x114.3 (LM078 & LMP082 Engraved on faces) Gold/Polished lips all original!

PRICE $2150 Paypal/Shipped *NO TIRES*

CONDITION: 9.0-9.5 OUT OF 10. All the wheels still look very good and have no curbage with the exception of some minor scratches on 1 of the wheels...very minute! Pictures of the items will be up so you can check them out!

Faces: These wheels faces can be reversed mounted to give them a lower offset. The offset will go from +35 to an estimated +22 & from +42 to an estimated +29. I'm not 100% on the exact offsets but that's an idea from what I have read on multiple forums. These wheels are still all original from the finish to BBS caps/bolts and have not been touched. You can see the authenticity on the pics from the original engravings on the faces and bolts! THESE ARE NOT REPS!

No tires included...shipping is only to the continental USA (48 landlocked states)..

Any questions/concerns...more pics...etc email me at for faster response: [email protected]
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