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Ariel Atom Pricing and Engines in USA

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To follow up on this post here

I have this info now which is good for K fans, including myself. Look forward to seeing what the z3 will be capable of, surprising that Honda set the rev limit to 8500 RPMS in stock form.

Initial Engine Options and Estimated Prices
All prices are not final nor are HP numbers.
GM Engines HP figures will likely increase by at least 5-10%

Brammo Ecotec 2.2 145 HP/ 155 Ft./lbs.

Brammo Ecotec 2.4 171 HP/ 163 Ft./lbs.

Brammo Ecotec 2.0 Supercharged 171 HP/ 163 Ft./lbs.

Honda K20 (Not advertised however likely USDM K20z3) 200-225HP

Honda K20 Supercharged (K20z3) 290-300HP

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Now who wants to donate $45k to the buy Lucid Moments an Atom fund? :p
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