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Are these mounts okay?

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I recently just picked these mounts up for 300 bux and was wondering if these are okay mounts or the ones that make the oil pan hang to low? I was told they are hybrid racing mounts but they look different then the billet ones they sell? Are they an older version of them? Let me know Id appreciate info on them.

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909edge said:
yes you will be fine with those mounts, the only issue will be poor oil pan clearance (approx .5-.75" lower than HAsport by my estimate). A good friend of mine has been running his car for 6 months with the original K20EG mounts which are identical to those and he hasn't had any problems (other than two cracked oil pans lol). His car makes 300+ whp and he has launched it on slicks so I don't think they're gonna break or anything...
ROFL :confused:
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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