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ap1 clus in my eg hatch?

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what components are needed to make my ap1 cluster work in my 92 si?? what harness are needed as i dont have any pigtails....any info would be gladly appreciated thanks
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What i did and mines worked for months is:

Took the speedohealer and lengthened the "VSS" speed signal wire to reach the outgoing side of the VSS signal wire of the ECU. One wire is positive, one wire is ground, one is VSS conversion to cluster. Its very easy to do this VERY. if you guys want pictures i can do that if you want.

As far as setting the V.4 its a bit odd.. i had to add to the value instead of subtracting when it showed i needed to ( since the ap1 VSS sends a signal twice as fast as a k20's) < if i remember correctly..

Sorry for babbling i just woke up.. hope some of that gargle up above helps.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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