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Anyone works for Honda? Accord k24a Bare block Vs Short Block Assembly

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Here's what you get with the $400 bare block..

everything enclosed in item 1

or for $1100 you get the complete assembly that includes pistons, rods, crank etc...

Since all I really need is the block +crank, if I buy just the bare block and the crank, it will come out to be close to $1100 which is the cost of the complete shortblock... Of course it is not 100% complete... It will still need some sensors, maybe water line... etc..

Can anyone that works for honda find out for us, what comes with the short block assembly? Asn what else I need to make it 100% working?

thanks a lot

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edo said:
Something to be mindful of, if you're not already aware:

The accord block will not accept the K20A(2) oil pump directly. The girdle has a raised ridge or hump right down the middle. The CRV K24A1 block does not have this ridge.

So, either you retain the accord block's oil pump/balance shaft assembly, or you can notch the K20A(2) oil pump so that it will clear the raised ridge and then bolt down onto the accord girdle. Other oil feed/return holes will need to be plugged as well on the accord girdle if adapting the K20A(2) oil pump.

What about the element?
nikos said:
Why won't the accord oil pump be enough? Isn't the balance shaft a good idea?
In the article from hasport of the k24/k20 how to. They said you don't need the extra weight or friction so you can use the simplier k20 oil pump.

I feel its good enough the way it is. But you can use either or.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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