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Just wanted to let everyone know the my car will be done this week, and that theres a big show in cincinnati,ohio its called cavalcade of customs, my car will be in the show in the bob sumeral booth right behind the toyo tire models signing autographs :D

if anyone would like to attend please feel free to come

i have alot of custom stuff done to my car like shifter setup, radiator setup, down pipe setup ,and just some other good ideas for the kswap please come down and check it out i will be representing for

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yeah right! said:
6spd EG said:
nikos might even attend :D
ohh come on he's to busy riding the train to richness! :D

lol....more like to chapter 11

I am planning to be there... it is 3 hours away from me, without vtec :p
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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