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anyone have definite knowledge of JDM K24A motors? mine has RBB-2 head, Raa Intake?

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Does anyone have any real knowledge of the JDM K24a? It seems there are many different models from what I've seen (I searched and couldn't find anything definitive regarding the JDM TSX equivalent).

The one I bought has an RBB-2 head, with the 3 lobe cams (I checked it).

But the intake manifold is stamped RAA? (I can't tell if its the tsx rbb size or smaller\) nothing to compare to.)

And the block is stamped RAA on it.

What motor is this from and how much power does it make? I can't tell if the JDM RAA manifold is smaller than the US RBB because I don't have an RBB to compare to. Can someone take a measurement of the RBB intake chamber part and let me know how tall it is? If it's a small Accord-type manifold then I'll switch it out and buy a tsx one (going in a sandrail so I'm looking more for torque than top-end power).
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Still a 200hp k24a engine but yes i believe its not revamped like the later -2 -3 engines
Late to the party but I really need some advice I need to replace my early Rbb2 and have a replacement late rbb2 that I was told may or may not work,I can get an rbb1 for a good deal is the rbb1 same as early rbb2? Any help is appreciated
I have an RBB-3 2007 tsx cylinder head if you want it.
What people don't understand is the 06-08 tsx cylinder heads come with the PRB/ valve springs from the RSX Type S. Those valve springs are visually larger than the 04-05 tsx engines and all jdm K24A valves. They are similar to the S2000 valve springs which are labeled with part number PCX. Seats would be different IIRC.
Im curious if the 06 08 head will work on a 04 block because of the difference will be use inch stock 04. Cams thanks for the help
Yes the 06-08 head will work just fine. I've had both 04/05 and 06-08 head castings side by side and the casting is exactly the same. It's amazing how much an intake came revision and oversized intake valve could wake up an engine.
Thank you for the info I ended up swapping the 04 valves into the 06 head and it fired right up I have a misfire now that i had before it’s random and sounds like one Cylinder I ruled out coil, compression and injectors I’m stumped
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