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anyone have definite knowledge of JDM K24A motors? mine has RBB-2 head, Raa Intake?

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Does anyone have any real knowledge of the JDM K24a? It seems there are many different models from what I've seen (I searched and couldn't find anything definitive regarding the JDM TSX equivalent).

The one I bought has an RBB-2 head, with the 3 lobe cams (I checked it).

But the intake manifold is stamped RAA? (I can't tell if its the tsx rbb size or smaller\) nothing to compare to.)

And the block is stamped RAA on it.

What motor is this from and how much power does it make? I can't tell if the JDM RAA manifold is smaller than the US RBB because I don't have an RBB to compare to. Can someone take a measurement of the RBB intake chamber part and let me know how tall it is? If it's a small Accord-type manifold then I'll switch it out and buy a tsx one (going in a sandrail so I'm looking more for torque than top-end power).
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Pardon me from threadjacking but I didn't want to create another thread for this. I'm new to the site and I've been looking at K24s in the market and it seems like JDM K24A are the most common rather than the TSXs nowadays (i'm from US). Assuming I ended up with a High Comp RBB JDM K24A, aside from disabling the VTP for the JDM K24A, what else do I need to change to make it run like a stock TSX engine?
Thank you very much! Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

So I have a blown K20A3 EP3 which prompted me to upgrade to K24 and all I can find as of the moment are the JDM K24s. My question is, can I use all the accessories I have from my K20A3 and should fit the JDM K24 no problems, correct?
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