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anyone have definite knowledge of JDM K24A motors? mine has RBB-2 head, Raa Intake?

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Does anyone have any real knowledge of the JDM K24a? It seems there are many different models from what I've seen (I searched and couldn't find anything definitive regarding the JDM TSX equivalent).

The one I bought has an RBB-2 head, with the 3 lobe cams (I checked it).

But the intake manifold is stamped RAA? (I can't tell if its the tsx rbb size or smaller\) nothing to compare to.)

And the block is stamped RAA on it.

What motor is this from and how much power does it make? I can't tell if the JDM RAA manifold is smaller than the US RBB because I don't have an RBB to compare to. Can someone take a measurement of the RBB intake chamber part and let me know how tall it is? If it's a small Accord-type manifold then I'll switch it out and buy a tsx one (going in a sandrail so I'm looking more for torque than top-end power).
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Okay guys, I'm in need of some schooling.
I come from the euro world and have done full engine teardowns and rebuilds as well as swaps. I'm in the US and recently came into an 06 JDM Odyssey Absolute 4WD. I'm trying to get up to speed on the K24a engine for mods and etc to keep this RHD bad boy as my daily. Can a home definitely say which model block/head/intake manifold came in the 06 Odyssey Absolute or do I have to get it up on a lift to poke around for stamps?
Also, for future reference, which car should I be using for US parts searches that will mostly fit my engine? Sounds like a few of the aux components from the US are different.
Appreciate the guidance!
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US equivalent for parts would be the Acura TSX K24a2鈥檚 馃憤
Hi guys! could you please assist me? I have just bought JDM k24A with RAA block and RBB-2 head. Wiki doesn麓t really help me to determine, if i have 187,197,201 or 203 hp. Could you please advise how can i tell? Many thanks!
K24a with RBB-2 or RBB-3 head is 197hp same as USDM 04-05 tsx. All k24 blocks share the RAA casting stamp as far as I know.
per the Wiki this isn鈥檛 exactly right on the JDM K24a from the Odyssey.

it shows the RBB-2 makes 187 while the RBB-3 makes 203. also shows the RBB-2 has slightly lower compression.

I don鈥檛 trust Wikipedia on this one. I鈥檝e measured the intake cam from an rbb-3 k24a.(both fresh off the pallet) Same as my rbb-2 k24a. I鈥檓 not sure where that 16 hp is coming from. Pistons are the same 10.5:1
So, do you think all JDM K24A have the same HP? I have seen that some Odyssey absolute has k24a with 11:1 compression ratio. I was wondering which generation Odyssey mine came from, cause on wiki, it states they all had different hp.
Perhaps, it麓s difference between awd / fwd models?

Is there a way to find out from an engine serial number? I couldn麓t find anything on it..

Also Lotus, do you think tune on NA4 banger did 16 hp difference?
馃し鈥嶁檪锔 the internet says many different things. Here is another thread on the k24a
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