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Anybody Change out cams yet with motor in the car?

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sup guys, i dont know if anybody has tried or not, but has anybody succesefully changed out cams in their car with ak20 in a eg/ek? im debating if i should just pull out the whole motor and what not.... let me know if you guys had any experience with that, if not, i guess i can be the first person to try and give you feedback about it
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2fastxeg said:
please post some info and maybe some tips on changing cams with the motor still in... it would be great.y appreciated and a lot of people would love to hear about it...
first of all, your going to have to take off the crank pulley; and therefore that damn crankshaft bolt (struggled with mine for some time). if you are doing it with the engine in the car you basically have one option. take a breaker bar and jam it up against the subframe and then kick the car until you notice it come free (note: DO NOT START THE CAR, YOU WILL HAVE SUBSTANTIAL DAMAGE). i would recommend immobilizing the engine before kicking it just to make sure.

also, from then on its decently straight-forwards.... just need to remove the valvecover (may require some extra work to get it off), then cam caps from each of the journals, switch the cam gears over and then return the opposite way.
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