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Any boosted road course k20's?

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Hey guys, was just wondering if anyone has had a boosted k20 or k24 survive multiple track days and track day abuse. I've had my N/A k20 in for about a year now and am looking to get more power than an an N/A setup can provide. I plan to use quality parts ( full-race kit with a gt3076r tuned by mikey at profunction) and run 8-12 lbs for next year and be between 320-350 whp.

My main questions are....

-Can a k20 turbo setup safely survive 20-30 minute sessions at full throttle in 80-100 degree heat?
-Is my factory lsd strong enough to survive this kind of abuse?
-Is downshifting constantly at high rpms risky with a turbo setup?
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Re: Any boosted road coarse k20's?

At those power levels, you should be fine. The 3076R is a great turbo choice, even though I am a little biased! =p
Re: Any boosted road coarse k20's?

Efr killed the Rotrex. the announcement just hasnt been made yet.

go smaller than a 7670.

The bw 7163 efr shown at sema may be a great choice.
I heard even though these spool quickly, the boost comes on smoother than say a precision? Not sure if this was just here-say, or if it was actually possible.

If I were to do it all over again, I would use an EFR twinscroll setup, but with the external WG setup. I do not like how their internal gates have the same inherent issues that normal internal gates have of spiking to max boost and tapering off. I would like better boost control than that on that quality of a setup.
Fig- The dyno I am referring to is the one IMW did testing the EFR stuff where they had this specific issue. This was my ONLY hesitance about one, other than not being available in a v band turbine inlet(no turbo studs to come loose). You do not experience this phenomenon I am elated to hear. Could you share more about your setup? PM if you would prefer.
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