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Any boosted road course k20's?

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Hey guys, was just wondering if anyone has had a boosted k20 or k24 survive multiple track days and track day abuse. I've had my N/A k20 in for about a year now and am looking to get more power than an an N/A setup can provide. I plan to use quality parts ( full-race kit with a gt3076r tuned by mikey at profunction) and run 8-12 lbs for next year and be between 320-350 whp.

My main questions are....

-Can a k20 turbo setup safely survive 20-30 minute sessions at full throttle in 80-100 degree heat?
-Is my factory lsd strong enough to survive this kind of abuse?
-Is downshifting constantly at high rpms risky with a turbo setup?
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Re: Any boosted road coarse k20's?

for those power goals I would rotrex it instead of installing a turbo.
Re: Any boosted road coarse k20's?


Huge power is a distant second to great handling. S/C will deliver power well and will be reliable. S/C power comes on from idle on up and is easier on your transmission. When power comes on too quick the reliability goes down.
I approve this message :nod:

today i started street tuning my rotrex on the "low cams". i set the boost cut protection to 10psi for now. and at 6200 rpm is making 10psi. roughly it increases a little over 2 PSI per every thousand rpm. partial throttle or full throttle there is zero, i mean zero lag. extremely responsive. from idle to what ever rpm power is always on demand and so easy to drive.

so the rotrex is highly recommended. i should get under 15psi by 8,000rpm and 420whp or so on pump gas. later on I'll tune the boost by gear to maximize traction. can't wait to finish tuning it and take it to the road course next summer. I shall see no driveability or traction issues on the road course. well maybe some brake fading :scared:

stern tracked his k20a1 rotrex EG6 and had zero issues other than his half size radiator wasn't cooling enough for long track sessions.
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Re: Any boosted road coarse k20's?

Why use a c30 when you can use a c38 ;)
I agree. at least C38-61 and if want to limit the power below 350whp then just use a pulley combination for a max boost of 8psi or so at redline. If in the future you get used to the power just replace the pulley. Easy upgrade. something that the C30 line will fall short.
Re: Any boosted road coarse k20's?

I highly suggest NOT trying this on stock internals. You will need a full size thick radiator (i suggest Koyo or a high quality custom piece). What core does Full Race use for there intercooler? I would suggest either a Garrett core or Bell Intercooler Core - as they are much more efficient than most others out there. You'll need an external oil cooler as well. The problem can be getting air to the radiator with the intercooler blocking the majority of the air flow

I think you'll want a clutch type diff - I don't think the oem can take the repeated abuse of coming down hard off the curbing. You may have issues with longevity of the transmission (for us it was 4th gear) as well.

For a road coarse car - I highly suggest fine tuning your suspension & tire set up. what is your current suspension & tire setup, and one what chassis? lastly, is your car already caged?
I agree here,

I went from jrsc k24 to a 60-1,I m struggling keeping it cool, I'm full sized radiator 2 12 fan 1600 cfm each, water,and wetter water,

You will also need a twin disc, easy on the trans and stronger for downshift/up shift.
Agree a two row full sized radiator would be a must & maybe a max of 8psi on stock internals on a save conservative tune. Or at least replace the rods for some quality ones. Not the Chinese crap.
I got a 3row custom radiator. Rated for 750hp so mine should be OK with the Rotrex even with the intercooler blocking all direct fresh air to it.
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