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I wrote an android app to datalog KPro ecu's, there are more info bellow.
What do you think about?

SDash is digital customizable dashboard to display live data coming from an Hondata® K-Pro plug-in module.
See what your car is doing in real time using your android device, without the need of a computer!
*** Build your own dashboard using more than 60 available analog gauges, digital gauges and widgets! ***
Supported sensors:
• ECU error codes
• Engine speed (RPM)
• Ignition advance
• Battery voltage
• Throttle position sensor
• Air/fuel ratio
• Gear
• Speed
• Short term fuel trim
• Long term fuel trim
• Engine coolant temperature
• Intake air temperature
• Manifold absolute pressure
• Wideband voltage
• Check engine light
• Service connector switch
• Air conditioning switch
• VTEC pressure switch
• Secondary oxygen sensor
• Actual VTC cam angle
• Commanded VTC cam angle
• Calculated load value
• Knock count
• Target air/fuel ratio
• Reverse lock
• Brake switch
• Air conditioning clutch
• Electric power steering
• Fuel relay
• Radiator fan clutch
• N20 Arm 1
• N20 On 1
• N20 Arm 2
• N20 On 2
This application requires additional hardware in order to work:
• ECU with Hondata® K-Pro installed.
• USB-OTG Compatible android device
• USB Cable to connect to your device.
• If you face any issue or have any request, don't hesitate to contact by e-mail [email protected].

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Hey Guys!

I published a new update a few days ago with some features:

* Record/export data logs
* Multiple dashboards - you can change the active dashboard with a single finger swipe
* Below/above alert
* You can change the color of the widgets
* Configurable shift light - with 3 phases
* Configurable red line on the s2000 RPM widget

Hope you enjoy it! :)

Best Regards,

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Not yet... :(

I want to build a new app compatible with all Bluetooth enabled hondata products (kpro4, s300v3 and flash pro).

Best regards,
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