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Amazing 231whp /186ft-lbs torque from a TSX stock/k20a r head motor

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With an amazing 231 whp at 7600 rpm and 186ft-lbs torque , this civic has made an important point in the K series community. The car was tuned and dynoed at

1992 Civic
Block 2004 TSX k24a2 block with only 1000 miles
Head K20A Integra Type-R
Tranmission K20A Integra Type-R
dtr-fab header
Custom Cold Air Intake
AEM Regulator
stock injectors
Hondata K-Pro

Dyno Sheet

Tune started based on the TSX calibration in K pro, and took about 1-2 hours.

The results speak from themselves. Check back for 1/4 mile updates.

If you are interested in buying a similar new TSX motor, email me at [email protected] Price would be around 1900 shipped anywhere in the continental US.
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nikos said:
$around $6000+ for a 2.4 L all motor swap that dynoes 220whp at 6900 with more torque than any other b/h/k in stock form.

Notice how the $6000 includes one of the best headers and the best engine management system for k series right now.
that doesnt include the k20a head or tranny right?
1 - 1 of 88 Posts
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