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Amazing 231whp /186ft-lbs torque from a TSX stock/k20a r head motor

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With an amazing 231 whp at 7600 rpm and 186ft-lbs torque , this civic has made an important point in the K series community. The car was tuned and dynoed at

1992 Civic
Block 2004 TSX k24a2 block with only 1000 miles
Head K20A Integra Type-R
Tranmission K20A Integra Type-R
dtr-fab header
Custom Cold Air Intake
AEM Regulator
stock injectors
Hondata K-Pro

Dyno Sheet

Tune started based on the TSX calibration in K pro, and took about 1-2 hours.

The results speak from themselves. Check back for 1/4 mile updates.

If you are interested in buying a similar new TSX motor, email me at [email protected] Price would be around 1900 shipped anywhere in the continental US.
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Holy balls...thats some freakin serious numbers for a stockie. Damn you people... Thank god noone has bought my accord yet...I wouldn't know what the hell to buy. Damn it.

The more I think about it though, the more I think I'm goin K20a swap, then building a K24 bottom to handle some rev as the next upgrade.
^Exactly, but I think many dyno charts show that the 2.4 combo wants to continue to make power. Increase the rpm at which peak hp is produced, one of the four basic approaches to increasing output.
1 - 2 of 88 Posts
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