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Aluminum rods k20/24

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I just wanted to get an idea if anyone would be interested.

There is a local company building aluminum rods for a great price. They are a fairly new company, but I am working to line them up with some of the sport compact applications. They have just finished design and FEA(finite element analysis) software stress analysis of a set of K24 rods they are building for me.
All parts are cut on the CNC; the FEA showed very good results, but we are going to build a couple and break them just to compare results to the software analysis.
I should have pictures in a couple weeks, the rods go for $400.00 for a set of 4.
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Race use...aluminum rods are fine due to limited usage.

Street much do you value your block?

Titanium rods are fine for both, but pricey. They are used in the 1500+ HP Pro Mod Mountain Motors that are both supercharged and on the bottle, so the brittleness tag is a common misconception.

Most rod companies have gone to a heavy-duty steel rod design for high HP and a lighter version for N/A use. The new Crower Maxi-Light rods are about 100 grams lighter than the standard billet and deliver greater throttle response (like aluminum) but in a more reliable material (steel).



I'm looking on you web for the rods, but I don't see the specs and exact weight on grams for the K24...

Can you please send me or post that info?

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