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Most importantly the specs:

Engine: K24A DOHC iVTEC
Displacement 2381 cc
Bore & Stroke 87.5 x 99
Comp Ratio 15.0:1
Horsepower 315 whp
Torque 200 w tq
Wheelbase 101.2"
Weight 1725lbs w/ driver
Chassis by PMR Race Cars
Carbon work by Southwest Perf
Wheels Weld Racing
Tires BFGoodrich
Shocks Moton Shocks
Pistons Forged Aluminum

Connecting rods Forged 4340E
Crank Genuine Honda
Cylinder Head Skunk2 CNC Port
Camshafts Skunk2 Prototype
Valve Springs Skunk2 Racing
Valves Skunk2 Forged Stainless
Retainers Skunk2 Titanium
Header Skunk2 Prototype
Intake Skunk2 Prototype
Transmission Genuine Honda 6 Speed
Injectors RC Engineering
Ignition MSD DIS4
ECU Motec
Data Acquisition Motec ADL

Taken from:

Several years ago, Skunk2 ran an Integra with a DC2 shell that just dominated the all motor classes at drag racing events nationwide. Piloted by Tony Shagday, Skunk2 was a force to be reckoned with on the track, as their all motor program was just on top. Now, several years later, the majority of the all motor category has changed. With the evolution of new motors, and new technology with drag racing in general, cars are getting faster and faster. Skunk2 has sat out of the game for a couple of years, but now they are back and a force to be reckoned with yet again.

This time around, Skunk2 is now launching an RSX down the quarter mile. Powered by a K24A DOHC iVTEC engine, this all motor monster has already set new records of 9.85 and has hit several 140+ mph runs. Named Project Delta, the RSX is driven by none other than Dr. Charles Madrid. For those that have been in the racing scene for a long time, Dr. Charles is not a stranger and his name just runs synonymous with words such as kooky, nutty and genius. When it comes to Hondas and drag racing, this man knows it all and he's out to prove he can drive with the best of them.

But what about the car? What makes it the world's fastest all motor car? Well, as most of you can guess a lot of the modifications are kept secret. What little we know, we'll share - and this is all thanks for a spec sheet that Skunk2 supplied to us. Starting with a K24A DOHC iVTEC motor, the engine clocks in at a 2381 cc displacement with a compression ratio of 15:1. Ideal for all motor, don't you think? The car weighs in at 1725 lbs with Charles behind the wheels. PMR Race Cars is accredited with the design and fabrication of the chassis, while Southwest Performance supplied all the carbon parts. As far as the vital engine components, the little we know are forged aluminum pistons and forged 4340E connecting rods. The crank is genuine Honda, along with the 6-speed transmission that Charles rips through each pass.

For those that have built a Honda VTEC motor, they'll understand how vital the components in the valve train and the headwork is for maximum horsepower. Throughout the years, Skunk2 has developed and manufactured some of the highest quality valve train components out there. Their K24 head is equipped with just those. A prototype set of camshafts helps supply the 315 whp that the RSX pulls, along with the 200 ft/lbs of torque. The valve springs, valves and retainers have all been swapped out for new Skunk2 Racing series components. The intake and header are also Skunk2 prototypes, but I'd be more than willing to guess they are a strict race model. Additional fuel is handled thanks to RC Engineering injectors and the car has plenty of firepower due to an MSD DIS4 ignition system. All engine management is handled by none other than a MOTEC, supplying the most accurate data and tune available on the market.

No race car is complete without a good suspension, wheel and tire setup. Moton shocks supply the vital suspension components while none other than Weld Racing gives this RSX the bling it needs while it bullets down the quarter mile. The Weld racing wheels are wrapped with the new BF Goodrich series drag tires, be on the look out as these become more and more popular in the circuit.


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And before someone post this....

Anyone with some racing knowledge would know that it takes more than 315whp to run a 9.8 sec 1/4 mile, but never the less, I like the article. :)

I believe the rumor is that the actual horsepower that thing puts out is around 390whp.

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I was told the actual bore of the pistons,actual compression height,actual stroke and actual compression awhile back.
I believe it was a 90 or 91mm bore,around 16:1 compression,101mm was awhile so some facts may have been mised up.I've heard it was a 2.6l though,and put out over 330whp.
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