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All Motor Dc2 vs. All Motor 350z HR

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An older run with my Dc2 integra vs an 08 Nismo 350z. The Dc2 was around 200 whp and fully gutted, but still on a stock Gsr transmission. The 350z was All motor, making 305 whp w/ boltons and tune. I believe the 350z traps 109 mph. the run ended at 125-130 mph. Enjoy.
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not bad at all
Thanks! I thought he would pull me earlier but I hung in until around 115ish then he slowly got me by a car.
Nice run man. He didn't start pulling until ~85mph and he was only creeping.

With that said, I really like the new layout of the site.
Thanks! He started creeping at 100+ mph. I rev to 9200 in 3rd gear with a 23 in DR tire, and a stock GSR 4.4 final is like 110 mph in 3rd. I did Not have the 4.9 final drive in yet. Those 350z's pick up very slow in 1st gear, even though he was making a lot of power. I thought a 109 car would get me better but I instantly got out a car on him from when we hit it at 20 mph. His weight hurt him down low. I was also surprised to see the 350z only got me by 1 car by 130.
lol what did the Si sedan have done to it?

Hang pretty well til it got to the upper mph range and the CTS-V walked it..
I believe the civic had I/h/e, rbc, Kpro tuned. For reference the Cts-v pulls that 350z by only a car by like 130...
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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