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I am putting this post here because it is aimed at the all motor crowd.

Albins Off Road has designed a dog engagement helical gearset for the K tranny and they need 5 serious customers before they can go into production. Albins already has a syncro gearset out for the K.

The best part about those that get in on this deal is that we get to decide the ratios. With the current PPG stuff we are limited to the ratios they currently have which for most of us the first gear is too long at a 2.615 even with the 4.76 final. It is alright with the 5.0 final but then 4th gear becomes too short.

The Albins set has a another great advantage, the 3rd and 4th gear dog rings are replaceable. With the PPG gears if you damage the dogs you need a whole new gear and it is around $600. With the Albins if you damage the dogs you can first swap dog rings around between the gears to get a fresh set or just order up a new set of just the dog rings.

The gearset will also come with a cuff in place of 5th gear. To keep costs down it will be designed around the OEM 4.76 final drive. They can make it with their final drive but it will increase the price.

Albins is new to the import/drag race scene but are very well know in other forms of autosports. We feel that they have a strong new product and are willing to work with racers to make it even better and advance our sport.

1-4 Helical Dog Engagement set with cuff
$4700 shipped

Albins final drive add

This pricing is only for the first 5. This pricing right now is what cost is on these gearsets, no one will be making money of this deal. It will all be handled by Speedfactory. For more information feel free to contact me here or contact James at Speedfactory at 253-566-4331.

Here is picture of the B-series set for reference
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