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specs? its just a bolt made specifically for that hole, do you need to just buy that bolt?
Yes! could I buy two with the washers? I cannot seem to find what bolt goes into that hole so I would rather not risk it with the incorrect bolt. Please let me know how I can purchase just those.

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K20A2/K20Z1 oil pump conversion
OEM Honda parts

This is for everyone doing a RSX-S oil pump conversion on your K-series engine, We have what you need here to get the job done 🆙

-K20A2 oil pump
-K20A2 baffle plate
-K20A2 oil pump chain
-K20A2 oil pump chain guide
-bolts for the oil pump
-bolts for the baffle plate
-bolt and washer to plug oil jet on the block

We always stock everything for the swap :)

$259 shipped

Pay now with Paypal! Add your screen name in the message box, click and done 🆙

If you would also need a K20A2 aluminum oil pan or oil pump chain tensioner, pm me for a price with the kit,also instock

K20 RSX Type-S Oil Pump Kit – AFHKPARTS | Honda | Acura | Performance | OEM
Don’t know if your still around on the forums but is this still available? I would also like to get some other parts as well, like all gaskets, and guides ... if you can give me a reply if your around please let me know
321 - 327 of 327 Posts
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