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Aem Ems

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IS the K-series EMS out yet?

will an RSX model work on my TSX motor?
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fearless_dsm said:
AEM EMS part #30-1070 for swapped cars,30-1030 for factory K cars. ..not 100% sure about the TSX ecu plugs,but Im sure the pinouts will slightly differ if it does plug up.You could use a RSX harness on the tsx engine though.I do not think the ems will suport drive by wire.

Both ems's support :
Nice, well I will be using the RSX wiring harness and a different throttle body setup. It is good to here though that the EMS is finally out... So I assume from the replies no one is using it yet? Would I be accutrate in assuming that someone who has some experience tuning B-series motors with the EMS will have a pretty good idea what they are doing tuning the K-series with the EMS?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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