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I'm using an AEM EMS 30-1070U and a Type R K20A2 Motor.
for some reason, in the type r AEM's map, there'a fuel jump at 7000+ rpms,
and I've asked katman about it, and he said its because the Type R cam profile,
problem is, at the sec it reaches to this point, its like a fuel cut, or ignition cut,
it can't pass that point cause of lot of fuel, when I lower the fuel at this point, I can
climb over 8000 rpms, any clue what the problem can be ?

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the aem only brings 1 map and thats for a k20a2 usdm i believe they made that calibration with. even on my cousin's k24 with itr cams that calibration ran rediculously rich, why its a limiter for you doesnt make any sense but definitely just get the a/f figures where they are supposed to be and if everything works then your fine. if you have a problem, then you need to worry.
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