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Advice on Parts for Turbo K-Swap CRX Build?

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New to K-Series, Swaps, and Turbocharging. Been learning and have come up with a rough build, advice?
Planning to K-swap an 89' CRX Si, the purpose is daily driving/weekend autocross. Power Goal is 300WHP to at very most 500HP. I plan on using an all-stock K20a2 with the RSX-base 5-speed transmission with a Competition Clutch stage4 and InsaneShafts, eventually an LSD. I'll use Hasport EFK2 Mounts with U70A bushings (too stiff?)
I would like to use a Log Turbo Manifold or weld my own (though I am not an expert welder). I am leaning toward Journal-bearing Turbo like a GT35, GT30, or T04E. GT35s have the best reviews but I have heard they will easily push more than 500HP. What is the best Turbo to use?
I'll use a K-Tuned Fuel Rail with 6-an braided lines and AEM FPR mounted after. I'll use 750cc? Injectors (brand recommendation?) what fuel PSI is best?
Will I need APR Head Studs or anything to handle the power?
All advice is welcome! Thank you! @LotusElise
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FI Honda engines like to be up shifted and not stuck in one gear. A stock engine may not like being on the autocross course with this kind of power near 500whp. As a lower hp will be faster in my opinion and easier on the engine, faster due to traction. FI Honda's are crazy fast when they are getting maximum traction. If I ever boost an engine again, I will be using forged internals.
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