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Hey everyone,

Ive been on here for a while but havent posted much, so i thought i would post up my progress so far on my ep3...

Ill try and clean it up a little without copying and pasting from other forums and keep it to the point..

So here is how i bought my civic a few years ago, completely standard in every way (excuse the poor quality of the earlier pictures)

After a short period of time i re furbished the wheels a anthracite colour that had multi colour speckles which shone nicely in the sun..

I refurbished the slightly tatty rocker cover which had some paint flaking off it...

I had a custom exhaust made up 2.5" no silencers along with a long arm intake

Bought myself these Meister R's

Partially stripped rear


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I bought harnesses and 7.5kg buckets... Stripped the rest out of the rear and painted it all...

The Advans got sold on, and then these came along... I had raised the ride height and set everything up for fast road....

New 3" system, to go with the other engine mods....

Pic by my photographer

On the rollers at FLperformance

The enkeis got sold on to free up funds for better things... The car was like this for a while...

Repainted these

Canards got pop riveted on..

For those of you wondering im running a OEM intake with two cold air feeds

Side indicators got painted orange and i had some custom number boards made up..

That ^^ is how my ep3 stands currently... A lot of time has been spent on my car, and it has gone from one end of the spectrum to the other style and performance wise....

I loved the stance look, but i prefer a car that performs as well as it looks and not scraping over every bump etc....

There will be more to come for my car (possibly turbo build) But we shall see...

Anyway i hope you enjoyed the read, there are other bits i have missed out but nothing exciting
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