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909edge said:
yes but you need to change to the rear lower control arms from a civic that came with a sway bar.
thats on eg's - ek's the rear LCA's have the hole to mount swaybars (on non-swaybar equipped cars ir CX, DX, LX)

on the front for EK's - thats a different story...I had to swap out LCA's, forks, & endlinks from a 99-00 si in order to install si 26mm front swaybar. I believe (99-00)Si & (96-00)Ex have the same LCA's & forks (which are different than CX, DX, LX ones)

I mounted a 22mm ITR rear sway with si rear endlinks & this (ASR)reinforcement kit to prevent subframe tear-out
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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