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About us.
Cracked Up Racing is a full service performance shop, dedicated to providing excellent customer service and helping enthusiasts and competitors find just the right parts. Our street builds gather crowds like our race cars gather trophies. We do it all; circuit racing, street performance, drag racing, or turning heads.

Our orders ship free in the U.S and 90% ships the same day. We are a Colorado based company established in 2013, but were doing this before the road closed for the pizza boy. We are avid enthusiasts, racers, builders, and tuners...just like you.

Why Choose Us?
Cheap prices, free shipping, and a massive catalog. But what really sets us apart?

Our team has been involved in some of the most intriguing and cutting edge advancements in the import industry. We tuned the only back to back NASA Honda Challenge H1 National Champion. We were the first to swap a K-Series into an S2000. We were around when RomRaider was was first built as Enginuity. We pioneered the budget K20A3 VTEC Killer movement bringing 200whp to K-Series enthusiasts. We specialize in big power bolt-on builds. Such as being one of the first to hit 200whp on a pure bolt-on B-series, and 245whp for a bolt-on K-Series. We've won national car shows and dyno competitions. We've taken victories in every street Import Face Off drag racing class. We even won the first ChumpCar endurance race we ever entered. We are Cracked Up Racing, and we love living the enthusiast lifestyle. How can we help?

Mechanical and Tuning Services:
We provide a massive array of local mechanical services. Installation, preventative maintenance, diagnostics, fabrication, assembly, and much more.

We also provide remote and local Engine and Suspension Tuning services for Honda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Nissan, and Toyota. We are most comfortable on the Hondata, Haltech, AEM, and RomRaider platforms, but have tuned on variety of others.

Current Shop Builds:
  • 4Piston K24 MR2 Street Daily
  • SCCA STR Honda S2000 CR
  • DB8 GS-R Street Daily
  • LeMons/Chump Car ‘91 Civic
  • Lexus IS-F Street Daily
  • K24 Integra Street Daily

Previous Shop Cars:
  • First ever K24 S2000 Feature
  • 03 Civic Turbo Street Daily
  • SCCA SM K24 Integra
  • K24 Swapped RSX-S Street Daily
  • IFO SFWD B20 Integra
  • LeMons/Chump Car NA Miata

Contact us today. We would love to hear about your project and help find the parts you need.

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