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I am about to buy a used K swap EK. I just paid for a compression test and it came back with 150 straight across all cyl... sounds good to me, what do you think? I just want to make sure as I am not an expert.

Also, I was wondering if you guys could tell me how bad you think the torque steer will be with this car? It does have a LSD, I hope that will help. Also, how bad do you think the vibration will really be? I have been unable to drive the car yet B/C it is located far from me. Any input will be appreciated as I have never driven a K swap honda, and this will be my first honda (always drove euro make cars, but price of maintenance is killing me). This car will be my D.D, I am afraid that I might be getting in over my head by expecting a K swap civic to perform as a great D.D.... I am getting a civic B/C of their reliability/cheap parts + labor/MPG, not just to have fun on the weekends. Any input is appreciated it, thanks

Here's the specs on the EK k series swap I am in the process of purchasing:

2005 k24a4 from Dr Charles/ Skunk2 ef wagon
Stock k24a4 bottom end with k20a2 oil pump
Skunk2 Ported head
Head milled 25 thou
Skunk2 Pro Series Valves
Skunk2 Pro Series Valve Springs
Skunk2 Ti retaniers
Skunk2 Stage 3 cams (smaller than an a2 stage 1 cam)
Skunk2 68 mm throttle body
RC 440cc injectors
RBC Intake manifold ported and modded
Hondata Intake manifold gasket
Golden eagle pro series fuel rail / steel braided fuel lines
HKS Fuel pressure regulator
R-Crew Header
Rsr ex-mag exhaust
Visteon full size racing radiator with slim fan
Hassport motor mount kit
Karcept shift adapter box

RSX Type-s 4.7 final drive LSD 6 speed

AEM EMS church dyno 251 [email protected] tq

ITR 5 lug conversion
JDM CTR Springs and Shocks
ITR Rear Sway Bar
ST Front Sway Bar
ITR Front/ Rear disc brakes
Steel Braided lines
08 civic 16" wheels 5 lug

-It also has hybrid-racing aftermarket axles. 40K on the motor/tranny, 70K on the chassis.

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Welcome Mr. Wick to I think your compression #'s are good and even. You'll love the car and will be happy with it as a daily driver. I do think you'll get the hang of how compliant it handles in traffic. With LSD the torque steer is predictable and negotiable.
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