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A2 or Z1 head on a k24z1 block

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hey everybody i am new to the k series motor :0. i got a k24z1 motor and i was wondering which head would work better with this block. also which camshafts should i use. i was just wondering if its true that i can put a k20z1 complete rocker arm assembly into a k20a2 head?? thanks for your help
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so from that all threads i can use k20a/z head with k24z block if:
-i use timming chain cover form k24z
-k24z head gasket
-tsx/accord mid shaft
-k24z valve cover thats is taller, but what coils then ?
-weld crank sensor from k20/24a
crrect me if i'm wrong
so your saying to run a k24z block you need
-k20a2 or k20z3 head
-k24z head gasket
-k24z haft shaft

what about the Timing Chain & Tensioner???
does any k tranny bolt up to that block ???
by k24z you mean k24z1 right? the 08^crv block can be used but the tsx k24z can not be used. yes reg k trans bolt up to k24z1 block
why cant a tsx 09+ block be used???
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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