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MA-Motorsports is very proud to be offering Special deals on the best LSDs and Final Drive sets on the market today!!!

A T S Limited Slip Differentials.........

Available for B-Series, K-Series and S2000(call for S2000 pricing):
B & K Series Pricing:

16 Plate Metal LSD $1189.00 Shipped in US48

20 Plate Metal LSD $1246.00 Shipped in US48

Carbon LSD (12 plate) $1246 Shipped in US48

5.062 FINAL DRIVE Kit for K-Series:

$742.00 shipped in US48

If you need anymore info on ATS products please feel free to call us or check out the ATS site @ . We also carry the Deftforce line of differeentials from ATS for your drifting friends who want the hard core 2.0 way locking diffs.

-Brian W.
Shop 410-665-1735
AIM: JDM Fresh
Email: [email protected]
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