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A little something I found over on H-T

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Supercharged CTR motor, "THE ATOM"

_BEN_ said:
The Atom is supposedly faster than the Noble.
Top Gear. Not sure wich track.

I just got done watching the vid and its hilarious when the driver guns it. His lips stretch out and his neck skin starts to flutter.lmao
link to vid 48mb
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Great Vid, its like a 9min video...

Be carefull though, you will want one after watching it...

dam that's hot! nikos i can't get your link to work. i'm getting sound with no video.
jon v said:
Supercharged CTR motor, "THE ATOM"
that thing is awesome. Its off the chart.
You know for a minute or two I was trying to think of how I could afford one of those things :driving: . Lets see, sell all cars except truck for the winter, keep the Civic and not drop a dime into anything vehicle oriented for a few years..........Nah.
realek4 said:
wonder if they can make that thing street legal?
Like anyone would be able to pull you over, unless you let them... :dance:
I love Jackson Racing superchargers.... :dance:
it is street leagle
They are street legal. They used to use 1.8 Rover engines with VVC but using th K20 has totally tansformed the car/performance and then theres the supercharged ones ! :cool: :wow: :dance: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Here is one i seen when i went to the Nurburgring

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