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Located in Cincinnati, OH

96 Honda Civic CX - $7,000.00 sold as is

This car was Spoon certified in 2011. The banner was signed by the president of Spoon motorsports personally so this car is super rare. I brought it back from New York in 2012 and started rewiring it as a backup race car and possible show car. I like the EK chassis but found the DC2 Integra was more to my liking. This is a great vehicle and I hate to sell it but here we are. I only get to keep one car and the DC2 won for me (Although this car looks so much cooler). Due to some unexpected circumstances I must sell it and ASAP. I will not negotiate much on the price unless you come with a flatbed or trailer and get it out of here for me. If I have to meet you somewhere to show it to you I will not negotiate on price considering this thing is worth a ton of money in parts and I am already low balling myself for a quick sale so I don’t get too sentimental. Also if you are going to meet me at its storage spot I will have a police officer there to make sure we are both legit and no BS. Otherwise we will meet at a police station to make the transaction. This is 100% legit and I will not take low ball offers or part out requests.

Sorry my phone camera sucks and it started raining when I started taking the pictures. If you are a serious buyer we can schedule a face time call or something to go over it if you have more questions.

Car has been garage stored since the rewiring endeavor started

Custom painted Toyota dark grey (yes including engine bay and interior, car was built from the ground up and has almost 0 rust)
JDM K20A engine from HMotors, has about 40k to 45k miles on it. Completely stock internally
5 lug conversion
Spoon dual piston calipers
Drilled and slotted rotors
Carbon Fiber hood from HASport
JDM CTR grey smoked headlights in like new condition
Backyard Special Carbon Fiber front bumper
Spoon Carbon Fiber racing side mirrors
Spoon Carbon fiber racing seat w/Takata 4 point harness
CTR Rear Wing
Rota Slipstream wheels with never used Hoosier R6’s, yes I am giving them away with the car because these were backups. I have some spare beat up rims and tires I’ll give for transport and storage.
Carbon Fiber trunk
PIC custom made suspension. Called PIC and went over the cars build and they designed the shocks specifically for this car.
JDM CTR gauge cluster
RyWire Mil Spec quick disconnect engine harness
Function 7 rear LCA’s
ASR rear subframe brace with adjustable sway bar
Aluminum racing radiator
Current dashboard is from a 2000 Civic
Side skirts included but took them off so I didn’t damage them when getting in the trailer
Bumper will also be removed when putting it in the trailer

Extra Parts: 2000 Civic front bumper also painted Toyota grey with fog lights, DC2 Integra steering rack in case you want to move the engine back for better weight distribution, a bunch of little CF parts, like engine spark plug cover, etc… I am sure I will come across more as I clean out the garage and you are welcome to everything related to an EK hatch

The Bad: The interior wiring is taken apart because when I was looking over the car it had a melted wire attached to the driver side brake light and was trying to figure out what went wrong. I have not had a chance to put it back together. Also this car was stored in a garage and a mouse made a little nest under the area where the windshield wipers go. It doesn’t look like they ate any wires but they did pee so you can smell it slightly. With a good cleaning it will get rid of that barn smell. Lastly there is a crack in the windshield and I did not replace it because my inner rice boy loved the spoon windshield sticker too much.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I don’t get online more than twice a day so DM me and I will give you my email or phone number to have a more direct conversation about the vehicle.










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